OpenAI uses FT content to train AI models in media collaboration

  • The development of customised AI products and features for Financial Times readers is hoped to enhance the user experience.
  • By streamlining the news consumption process through generated summaries and backlinks to original articles, the partnership wants to promote efficient and engaging reader interactions.

The Financial Times has partnered with OpenAI to license its content for AI model development and allow ChatGPT to answer queries with the newspaper’s summaries. This is the latest media tie-up for Microsoft-backed startup OpenAI, following similar deals with the Associated Press, Axel Springer, Le Monde, and Prisa Media. The financial terms of the agreement remain undisclosed.

Enhancing ChatGPT with FT content archives

The partnership between ChatGPT, the Financial Times, and collaborating firms aims to elevate the capabilities of the ChatGPT chatbot by incorporating archived content from the FT. This integration will enable users to access a wealth of historical information and curated content, enhancing the chatbot’s ability to provide comprehensive and relevant responses to user queries.

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Collaborative development of AI products and features

Through this collaboration, the involved parties will work together to develop new AI products and features tailored specifically for FT readers. By leveraging the expertise of both the Financial Times and OpenAI, innovative AI solutions will be created to enhance the user experience and deliver cutting-edge functionalities that cater to the evolving needs of readers in the digital age.

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Promoting AI-driven news consumption

The partnership between ChatGPT and the Financial Times represents a significant step towards promoting AI-driven news consumption. By generating summaries of FT content and linking back to the original articles, the collaboration aims to streamline the news consumption process for readers.


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