Earth-2: Nvidia announces AI-powered weather forecasting digital twin

  • Nvidia has launched a digital twin platform to simulate weather and climate conditions.
  • The platform, Earth-2, was announced at Nvidia’s GTC AI conference last week.
  • The AI-enabled platform is designed to give customers better insight into climate conditions, in the face of increasingly extreme weather events.

Nvidia has debuted a digital twin platform to simulate weather and climate conditions, in a bid to monitor and mitigate extreme weather changes as a result of rising global temperatures.

Earth-2 by Nvidia

The platform, called Earth-2, was announced last week at Nvidia’s GTC AI conference.

“Climate disasters are now normal — historic droughts, catastrophic hurricanes, and generational floods appear in the news with alarming frequency,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA. “Earth-2 cloud APIs strive to help us better prepare for — and inspire us to act to moderate — extreme weather.”

The server uses artificial intelligence-powered simulations to predict and display interactive high-resolution renderings of weather conditions such as cloud cover and atmosphere, as well as extreme weather events such as typhoons and turbulence.

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Groundbreaking generative AI for climate tech

Earth-2’s APIs offer AI models and employ a new NVIDIA generative AI model called CorrDiff, which Nvidia says provides higher resolution, more accurate images of weather forecasts than other services available.

CorrDiff is a first-of-its-kind generative AI model to deliver super-resolution, synthesize new metrics of interest to stakeholders, and learn the physics of fine-scale local weather from high-resolution datasets.

Using the platform, businesses and government entities can gather real-time insight into weather warnings and forecasts, offering a more rapid service than traditional CPU-driven modelling.

Nvidia Omniverse

Another key component of Earth-2 cloud APIs is NVIDIA Omniverse, a computing platform that enables individuals and teams to develop Universal Scene Description (OpenUSD)–based 3D workflows and applications.

The Weather Company, a global leader in weather data forecasting and insights, plans to integrate its meteorological data and Weatherverse tools with Omniverse, enabling customers building digital twins to better understand and visualise the impact of actual weather conditions for the first time.

“To help effectively address current and future weather- and climate-related challenges, it’s critical now more than ever to incorporate reliable, globally scaled real weather data and insights into digital twin environments to better analyze, plan, and simulate the impacts of weather,” said Sheri Bachstein, CEO of The Weather Company. “We plan to adopt Earth-2 APIs to create higher resolution, energy-efficient simulations at a lower cost.”


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