New York may restrict algorithms for children to protect their privacy

  • New York may pass a law to restrict social media algorithms from promoting content to minors, requiring content to be shown in time order by default.
  • The proposed law also includes measures to protect children’s privacy, limiting data collection without consent.
  • The legislation aims to give parents more control over their children’s social media use and notifications.

We have all gotten used to our social media feeds now being sorted by ‘the algorithm’ – but
given the potential negative influence of social media on children, New York may pass a law to block these sorting mechanisms, and show posts chronologically.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

New York is going to become the first state to enact a law that would limit social media platforms’ use of algorithms to promote content to minors. The law, if passed, would mandate that content for young users be displayed in time order rather than by algorithms, and would require parents’ consent for algorithmic feeds. Additionally, the legislation includes provisions to enhance children’s privacy by restricting data collection without consent.

New York proposed social media law

New York could soon lead the way in regulating how social media platforms interact with minors. The proposed law would significantly alter the way children in the state engage with social media apps by sending content in time order. This change would make algorithmically generated content an opt-in feature that requires parental approval.

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Enhancing children’s privacy

Apart from the main social media regulation, the law includes a separate bill aimed at strengthening children’s privacy. This bill would prohibit websites from collecting or sharing personal data of users under 18 without explicit consent, and thereby extending and reinforcing existing federal privacy protections for children under 13.

Parental control and notification limits

The social media legislation not only targets algorithmic content feeds but also allows parents to have stricter limits on their children’s social media usage, such as during night hours. It also seeks to limit app notifications, which critics argue can be addictive, giving parents more say in how their children use these platforms.


Audrey Huang

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