Nanni AI, an AI-powered app translates baby cries

  • Ubenwa Health, supported by Yoshua Bengio, utilises AI to decode over one million infant cries into English and French.
  • The company introduces Nanni AI, a mobile application aimed at aiding parents in understanding their baby’s needs through cry analysis.
  • Nanni AI has been trained on clinically labeled infant cry recordings, assisting in routine tracking and medical issue detection.

Ubenwa Health has unveiled Nanni AI, an app backed by AI luminary Yoshua Bengio. By harnessing artificial intelligence, Nanni AI deciphers over one million baby cries into English and French, aiding parents in understanding their child’s needs.

Changing parenting with Nanni AI

Ubenwa Health, a Canadian medical technology firm, has unveiled an mobile app named Nanni AI. This innovative application harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to interpret a baby’s cries, changing the way parents engage with their infants.

Ubenwa reports that the Nanni AI application has interpreted over 1 million instances of infant crying into English and French. This achievement stems from its training on numerous clinically labeled recordings of crying infants.

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Understanding baby cries

Parents can now utilise Nanni AI to track their child’s daily activities, including feeding schedules and diaper changes, with voice commands and built-in chatbot support.

“With a newborn in their arms, parents can find the first few visits with their baby’s doctor overwhelming,” said Samantha Latremouille, Ubenwa co-founder. “There are just so many details to remember about everything their baby goes through daily, from sleeping and crying to feeding and pooping.

Moreover, the app’s advanced capabilities extend to detecting potential medical issues, such as signs of birth asphyxia, with an impressive accuracy rate of 92.5%.

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The journey towards comprehensive infant care

Ubenwa Health’s journey began in 2017, focusing on AI-powered sound-based medical diagnostics. With support from notable investors like Yoshua Bengio, the company has leveraged its expertise to develop Nanni AI.

By utilising recordings of infant cries obtained worldwide, Ubenwa has created a platform that transcends language barriers, aiming to make cry-based technologies accessible to parents and healthcare professionals globally.

“We believe that the sound of a baby’s cry is as important a vital sign as their heart rate, blood pressure, or temperature and is key to improving infant care,” said Charles Onu, Ubenwa’s CEO. “Nanni AI is a stepping stone towards making our cry-based technologies accessible to all parents and doctors.

“Our aim is to improve remote health monitoring by integrating clinical-grade solutions into the app.”


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