Microsoft unveils Copilot+ PCs at Build conference

  • Microsoft introduced a new line of AI-first Windows machines called Copilot+ PCs at its annual Build developer conference. These PCs feature dedicated AI chips (NPUs) and are designed to leverage advanced AI functionalities, enhancing user experiences.
  • The company also unveiled updated Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. These devices boast improved performance and battery life, with enhancements such as Wi-Fi 7 support and redesigned elements for better usability.
  • Microsoft showcased new AI-powered features for Windows 11, including the Recall function and Windows Copilot Runtime. These innovations enable advanced content retrieval and run generative AI models locally on PCs to support various applications without needing an internet connection.

At its annual Build developer conference, Microsoft unveiled the Copilot+ PC series, a new generation of Windows machines designed to prioritise AI capabilities. Additionally, Microsoft updated its Surface Laptop and Surface Pro, enhancing performance and battery life. The company also introduced the Windows Copilot Runtime, empowering Windows 11 with local AI model support for advanced functionality.

Copilot+ PCs launch

Microsoft announced the introduction of Copilot+ PCs at its Build developer conference. These new devices are designed as AI-first, flagship Windows hardware, integrating dedicated AI chips called NPUs to enhance user interaction and functionality. The PCs come equipped with advanced Qualcomm processors and minimum specifications like 16GB of RAM and SSD storage, ensuring robust performance and extended battery life.

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Surface enhancements

In addition to the Copilot+ PCs, Microsoft unveiled significant upgrades to its Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro. These latest iterations feature increased processing speeds, improved battery longevity, and are equipped with cutting-edge technology like Wi-Fi 7. The new models offer a modern aesthetic with thinner bezels and a redesigned body for better ergonomics and user experience.

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Windows AI features

Furthermore, Microsoft showcased new AI-powered features for Windows 11, such as the Recall function and the Windows Copilot Runtime. Recall helps users access previously interacted content, enhancing productivity by making information retrieval intuitive and efficient. The Windows Copilot Runtime supports this by running a suite of generative AI models locally on devices, facilitating a seamless and connected user experience without constant internet dependency.


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