Microsoft to invest $2.9 bln to expand AI, cloud infra in Japan

  • Microsoft plans a $2.9 billion investment over two years to bolster its cloud and AI infrastructure in Japan, its largest commitment in the country to date.
  • The initiative also aims to train three million individuals in AI and establish a Microsoft Research Asia lab in Tokyo, reflecting a broader trend of tech firms expanding globally to support AI development.
  • Server operators worldwide are expanding data centers and cloud assets to meet rising demand for AI applications, following the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022, while Amazon and Google are also making significant investments in data centers.

Microsoft announced on Tuesday its plan to invest $2.9 billion over the course of two years to enhance its cloud and AI infrastructure in Japan. This investment, marking the company’s largest in its 46-year history in the country, will also facilitate the training of three million individuals in AI and the establishment of a Microsoft Research Asia lab in Tokyo.

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There is a trend of major tech firms expanding internationally

This move aligns with the broader trend of major tech firms expanding internationally to support the advancement of artificial intelligence. Additionally, server operators globally are expanding their data centres and cloud computing assets to accommodate the increasing demand for AI applications and workloads, following the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022.’s cloud division is investing $10 billion in Mississippi and $5.3 billion in Saudi Arabia for data centres in those regions, while Google is constructing a $1 billion data centre near London. Microsoft’s Azure, Google Cloud (owned by Alphabet), and Amazon Web Services continue to dominate as the top three cloud computing companies worldwide.


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