Meta’s WhatsApp unveils new AI tools for businesses

  • Meta introduces AI-driven ad targeting for businesses on WhatsApp, aiming to increase revenue from the popular chat service.
  • New AI tools will use behaviour on Facebook and Instagram to target messages to customers most likely to engage.
  • WhatsApp adds Brazil’s digital payment method PIX to its payment tool, enhancing its services in the country.

For users, WhatsApp’s AI-powered ad targeting may be more of a curse instead of a blessing. That is because they may feel disgusted when their personal data are overused and may therefore grow a dislike to the app that sends the ads, which will harm the app’s image in return.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Meta has launched AI-driven ad targeting on WhatsApp, a significant shift for the privacy-focused messaging service.

WhatsApp’s AI tools for businesses

Meta has introduced AI-powered ad targeting for businesses on WhatsApp, which marks its change from the service’s initial focus on privacy. The new tools will enable businesses to target messages more effectively by analysing user behaviour on Facebook and Instagram, provided they use the same phone number across platforms.

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Integration of PIX payment system

WhatsApp is adding Brazil’s digital payment method PIX to its payment tool, a system that accounted for 39% of transactions in Brazil last year. This integration matches WhatsApp’s strategy to compete in the digital payment space and boost its services in key markets.

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Improved business communication tools

Meta also introduced a new AI chatbot to assist businesses with customer inquiries directly within WhatsApp. This chatbot will handle common requests, such as accessing catalogues or checking business hours, similar to existing AI-powered customer service platforms. This feature is part of Meta’s broader initiative to automate business communications and improve customer engagement.


Audrey Huang

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