Meta to launch new AI language model Llama 3 in July

  • Meta plans to launch the latest version of its artificial intelligence language model, Llama 3, in July.
  • Meta’s researchers are providing richer data to enhance its capabilities in dealing with controversial queries. It is expected that Llama 3 will see improvements in both functionality and capability of understanding queries posted by users.

Llama 3, the newest version of its artificial intelligence language model of Meta, will launch in July, adding yet more intrigue to the AI landscape. The new model will better address and understand contentious queries, Meta claims. Currently, Meta researchers are refining the model, providing richer data to offer background information for controversial queries, enhancing the practicality of the new Llama language model. Additionally, Meta intends to appoint internal personnel responsible for managing tone and safety training, making the model’s responses more nuanced. This sounds like playing catch up to us, but better late than never!

– Chloe Kang, BTW reporter

A new product is on the way

Meta is set to release the latest version of its artificial intelligence large language model, Llama 3, in July. This new version aims to give better response to user queries that it thinks controversial.

Currently, Meta researchers are working to refine the model, providing background information for contentious queries, enhancing the ability of the new Llama language model.

However, At the same time,  Google as a competitor of Meta, has suspended the image-generation feature of Gemini AI due to occasional inaccuracies in historical images it produces.

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Enhanced functionality

Llama 3, compared to Meta’s Llama 2, has demonstrated improved functionality. While Llama 2 refused to answer less controversial questions, such as pranking friends, winning wars, or turning off a car engine, Llama 3 will be able to comprehend queries like ‘how to turn off a vehicle’s engine,’ indicating the ability to shut down the engine rather than end its life, according to multiple sources.

Moreover, Meta plans to internally appoint someone to oversee tone and safety training in the coming weeks, in order to make the model’s responses more nuanced.


Chloe Kang

Chloe Kang was an intern reporter at BTW Media.

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