Israel plans to build an AI supercomputer

  • Israel will launch a tender next month to build the country’s first supercomputer to keep pace in global AI race.
  • Nvidia will build the most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputer in Israel to meet soaring customer demand for AI applications.

Israel is widely considered to be one of the world’s largest technology hubs, with technology accounting for 20 percent of Israel’s economic output. Of the 9,000 startups in Israel, more than 2,200 use AI. Building supercomputers will help this country remain a global leader in artificial intelligence technology.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Israel will launch a tender next month to build the country’s first supercomputer in a bid to ensure the country remains a global leader in artificial intelligence technology, Dror Bin, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, said on Wednesday.

The Israeli government is setting a budget of $250 million for a national AI project made up of government, industry and academia, 60% of which will be executed by 2024 and completed by 2027, with the possibility of higher funding.

Speaking at an AI conference, Dror Bin says that while AI has been a friend of the Israeli tech industry, given that AI is a fast-moving technology, it could turn into an enemy without action. He adds that the supercomputer would be available to researchers and companies at below market cost.

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Why it’s important

“Our goal is to ensure that Israel maintains its leadership, its ranking and its position in the world in Arras,” says Dror Bin. In this regard, a supercomputer for training large AI models is crucial.

When a high-tech company or researcher wants to train a large model, they have to buy time in the cloud because there is no local data center with a large number of Graphics processing units (Gpus) where they can train those models.

US chipmaker Nvidia says that it is building a new generation of artificial intelligence supercomputer system in israel- “Israel-1” on May 29. A major feature of this advanced system is its powerful computing performance, which is expected to break the bottleneck faced by existing artificial intelligence technology.

AI technology plays an important role in promoting national development, requiring training with large databases, faster construction of patterns, and the production of solutions to more complex problems.


Zora Lin

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