IDCC2023: China explores the ethics of AI and the digital economy

  • The 18th China IDC Industry Annual Convention (IDCC2023) focuses on the theme “Evolution of Computing Power, Digital Opening of Everything,” bringing together industry elites to explore the direction and future trends of the digital economy.
  • As AI advances, there is a need to balance technological marvels with ethical considerations. IDCC2023’s theme underscores the importance of societal and economic disparities brought about by digitization.

ChatGPT’s impact: Fuelling AI enthusiasm and China’s leadership in the global market

ChatGPT‘s leadership and impressive performance have brought widespread recognition to the potential of artificial intelligence. This has not only fueled the enthusiasm of AI technology companies, leading them to invest in the development of large-scale model products, but has also sparked a strong interest across various industries in the application and research of artificial intelligence. The hope is to enhance efficiency and explore further possibilities for industry development through AI.

Of course, the research and attention across industries towards AI is not a one-day effort. The release of ChatGPT 3.5 is more like a symbol of the maturity of AI technology, representing the pinnacle of years-long technological competition. In this prolonged technological race ignited by artificial intelligence over the years, China has emerged as a crucial and undeniable participant and leader.

According to statistics from 2022, China’s artificial intelligence market has reached a scale of $42 billion, with an expected growth to $50.8 billion by 2023, showing a remarkable YoY growth of 33.8%. This explosive growth is evident not only in market size but also in the broad application of AI across various aspects of production and life, from manufacturing and healthcare to transportation and urban management.

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IDCC2023: Unveiling the future – China’s premier IDC convention explores the digital evolution and infinite possibilities of computing power

At this pivotal moment, the 18th China IDC Industry Annual Convention (IDCC2023) is set to grandly commence at the Beijing National Convention Center, focusing on the theme “Evolution of Computing Power, Digital Opening of Everything.” The event aims to concentrate on industry hotspots, bringing together industry elites to collectively delve into the development direction and future trends of the digital economy.

The main forum of the IDCC2023 Annual Convention will open on December 12th, attracting guests from diverse fields such as policy authorities, local governments, upstream and downstream enterprises in data centers, industry experts, and international organizations. They will thoroughly analyze and interpret industry hot topics, policy directions, technical solutions, and development trends. The convention will also continue to launch the China IDC Industry Annual Selection, recognizing outstanding enterprises and breakthrough innovations in 2023, showcasing notable figures and achievements in the data center industry.

IDC predicts that by 2027, global spending on AI solutions will exceed $5 trillion, with the majority of enterprises significantly shifting their technological investments towards the implementation of artificial intelligence and AI-enhanced products/services. Simultaneously, the development of large models will drive new industry and service application paradigms. With applications such as ChatGPT propelling this shift, the business models based on upper-layer application development and SaaS services are expected to gradually become clearer, ushering in a new era of AI development.

IDC, along with industry leaders and partner representatives, collaborates under the theme “Computing Power Evolution, Everything Can Be Digitized” bringing together over 50 heavyweight guests to present nearly 60 exciting keynote speeches. Additionally, the venue will feature more than 20 booths, comprehensively showcasing strategic forward-looking technologies, innovative solutions, and open industry ecological content. Through best practices and successful cases, the event will illustrate how to harness digital power and facilitate growth across various industries.


If you find the highlights overwhelming or the exhibition area too vast, there’s no need to worry. Join us as we step into the scene, experiencing firsthand this digital feast:

Rich content throughout IDCC2023:

– On the 12th, the focus will be on “Computing Power Infrastructure and Digital Industry.” The main venue will present thrilling content throughout the day, with afternoon sessions including the Financial Industry Computing Power Center Summit, the China Communication Industry Association Data Center Committee Council & General Work Meeting, and the China IDC Industry Annual Selection Awards Ceremony.

– On the 13th, the emphasis will be on “High-Quality Development of Computing Power.” The entire day will be dedicated to the 2023 National Conference on High-Quality Development of Computing Power, featuring the Mayor’s Annual Closed-Door Meeting on Computing Power, the Data Center Technology Innovation Series, the Computing Power Infrastructure Construction Forum, and the Data Center International Cooperation Conference. Additionally, there will be enterprise-specific sessions, such as the morning Siemens Data Center Solution 3.0 Launch Event focused on “Illuminating Green Computing Power” and the afternoon China Communication Industry Association Data Center Committee Standard Interpretation Session, providing in-depth discussions on solutions and industry standards.

– On the 14th, the focus will be on “Intelligent Emergence, Opening up Myriad Things.” The Tencent Hi Tech Day Conference, along with the 2023 Digital Opening Ceremony, will run throughout the day, covering various aspects such as the new digital economy, data elements, AI large models, and industrial digitization. Top scholars, industry experts, and corporate executives in the digital field will gather, presenting a feast witnessing the technological tipping point.

Navigating the future of AI: Balancing technological marvels with ethical considerations for sustainable development

When discussing ChatGPT and the future development of artificial intelligence, we should ponder its far-reaching implications. Despite significant advancements in natural language processing, we cannot overlook the considerable computational costs and energy consumption associated with ChatGPT. While pursuing technological innovation, it is imperative to consider sustainable development and explore more environmentally friendly and resource-efficient AI solutions.

With China’s ascent in the global artificial intelligence market, investments and applications in AI have experienced explosive growth. However, this has also triggered a series of issues concerning data privacy, ethical standards, and potential misuse. Behind technological progress, we need to carefully consider how to protect user rights while establishing robust regulatory frameworks.

Furthermore, the theme of IDCC2023, “Computing Power Evolution, Everything Can Be Digitized”, focuses on the future trends of the digital economy. Nevertheless, we should also pay attention to potential societal and economic disparities brought about by digitization. Technological development should promote overall societal progress in an inclusive and sustainable manner, rather than exclusively benefiting a small fraction of the population.

In the pursuit of technological wonders, critical thinking is essential to scrutinize the direction of AI development, ensuring that the driving force of technology genuinely benefits the global community. Rational reflection and global collaboration are key to achieving the sustainable and beneficial development of artificial intelligence. Only through concerted efforts can we create a future where technological innovation aligns with social responsibility.


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