HPE brings LLMs to Aruba as AI takes over the network

  • Aruba and HPE are integrating machine learning analytics into their LAN platforms to improve search accuracy, provide document summarization, and maintain privacy in personal and corporate information.
  • HPE plans to acquire Marvis’s platform, network digital twin, and Juniper’s datacenter networks, with Rahim taking over as the combined networking business after the $14 billion acquisition.

Juniper CEO Rami Rahim has predicted that by 2027, artificial intelligence would completely automate networks.

HPE Aruba has begun baking self-contained large language models (LLMs) into its control plane, but these LLMs are not yet making decisions on their own. They are part of Aruba Network Central’s AI searching function, which aims to provide contextualised responses to network admins by typing questions into the search field.

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Latest developments

Like a lot of other businesses in the wired and wireless LAN area, Aruba has been incorporating machine learning-based analytics and other features for traffic analysis and anomaly detection for a long time. The latest advancement in the platform’s AI capabilities, according to HPE, is the integration of LLM, which makes it possible for searches to more precisely comprehend technical problems and network jargon.

HPE is launching a new tool that supports document summarization using techniques like retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). The tool will enable users to ask ‘how-to’ questions, generate guides, and link back to supporting documentation. The functionality will go live in April, saving time as long as the model doesn’t accidentally miss key steps or fill in blanks with incorrect information.

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HPE mandates sandboxed models with a system to obfuscate personally and corporately identifiable information in queries to prevent them from appearing in future training datasets.

Future developments

Juniper’s Mist team has been exploring the idea of a network-aware chatbot since 2019. Their Marvis virtual network assistant uses natural language processing, comprehension, and generative modelling to assist users in querying network telemetry, identifying anomalous behaviour, and providing remediation advice.

HPE is expected to acquire Marvis, a network digital twin that helps identify potential problems before new configurations are rolled out, and support Juniper’s data centre network. Rahim will take over the combined networking business after the $14 billion acquisition of Juniper, which could be later this year or early next year.


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