Google’s AI-powered search now generates images

Sometimes users look for specific images but can’t find exactly what they want. To that end, Google will launch the creation of images using artificial intelligence-powered Generated Search Experience (SGE).

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Can’t find It? Then make it

For example, a user who wants to make a card for a friend who loves rock music and whose favourite animal is a rabbit can use the feature to search for something like “Draw a picture of a rabbit singing in a metal band.”

Google's new AI-powered search experience will now let you generate images directly from the Search Bar

SGE will provide up to four generated images in the results. Users can further edit the description and add more details based on the search results to bring their vision to life.

The tool is powered by the Imagen family of AI models, Google spokesperson Craig Ewer said. If uesrs opted in to SGE through Google’s Search Labs program, users can just type their query into the Google search bar. After you do, SGE can create a few images based on your prompt that you can pick from.

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Write better emails, too

In addition, Google has introduced written drafts in SGE. Users can use the feature to shorten the draft or change the tone to be more casual. When users are ready to add a personal touch, they can easily export their drafts to Google Docs or Gmail.

These new AI features are now part of Google’s Search Lab program, and users can sign up and request a trial through the Google App or Chrome client.

In a blog post, Google’s Hema Budaraju stressed that the company is working to ensure a responsible rollout of its image-generating tools. Budaraju said the tool should not be able to generate images that violate the company’s no-use policy on generating AI.

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Microsoft plays catch-up

Microsoft is enhancing its AI-powered image creator that was added to its Bing search engine March of this year. The Bing Image Creator will now be powered by an “advanced version” of OpenAI’s DALL-E model and will let Bing users create images by simply writing what you want to generate.


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