Google lays off at least 100 jobs across its cloud unit

  • Alphabet-owned Google is laying off at least 100 employees from its cloud unit.
  • The affected roles in the company include sales, operations, engineering, consulting, and “go to market” strategy.
  • This follows previous layoffs in April and January due to measures for cutting costs amid economic uncertainty.

While Google’s layoffs contribute to saving its costs, the action also shows how Google is aligning itself with a future that is best primed for other opportunities, like AI.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Google, owned by Alphabet, has announced the layoff of at least 100 employees within its cloud division, impacting various roles such as sales, operations, and engineering. This decision is part of the company’s efforts to adjust its business strategies and reduce costs to respond to economic challenges. The layoffs follow similar actions taken earlier this year, reflecting broader industry trends of downsizing amid economic uncertainty.

Google’s layoffs in cloud unit

Alphabet-owned Google is cutting at least 100 jobs from its cloud unit, according to CNBC. The roles affected various positions, including sales, operations, engineering, consulting, and go-to-market strategy.

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The company’s response and previous layoffs

In response to the layoffs, a Google spokesperson stated that the company is keeping evolving its business to align with customer priorities and seize future opportunities. This move comes after previous layoffs in April and January, indicating a series of cost-cutting measures by the tech giant in the face of economic uncertainty.

Industry impact

The recent layoffs at Google mirror broader trends within the tech and media industries, where companies are adjusting workforce sizes to manage economic pressures. These actions highlight the challenges faced by major corporations as they navigate through uncertain economic times.


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