Google introduces Vids, an AI-driven video production tool

  • Google introduces Google Vids, an AI-driven video production tool for workplaces, aimed at boosting productivity by streamlining the video creation process.
  • Vids empowers users to effortlessly generate content and customise every aspect of their videos, from style to soundtrack, using natural language AI.
  • Vids has a user-friendly interface and collaborative features, positioning it as a transformative tool for storytelling in the workplace.

Google unveiled new AI-driven tools for Google Workspace, Google Vids, an AI-powered video production software for workplaces, aiming to enhance productivity.

Streamlining video production

Vids, utilising natural language, can generate customisable video content. Users simply need to type a prompt like “Create a sales training video,” and the AI tool will craft a storyboard outline accordingly.

With Vids, users have the flexibility to edit a video’s style, control the selection of stock media, including images and background music.

Furthermore, Vids gives users the ability to add voice-overs. They may utilise the Recording Studio function to create custom voices or select from a library of pre-made voices.

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AI-powered assistance for Google Workspace

According to Aparna Pappu, Google’s general manager and vice president for workspace, stated: “Vids includes a simple, easy-to-use interface and the ability to collaborate and share projects securely from your browser. It’s an entirely new app that can help anyone become a great storyteller at work.”

This browser-based application will debut on Google Workspace Labs, Google’s experimental platform for testing in June. The access to Workspace Labs will be restricted to a select group of users.

Google Workspace already incorporates several AI integrations, among them Gemini for Workspace, an assistant tool capable of drafting emails or adding images to invitations. This functionality is powered by Gemini, Google’s flagship AI model.


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