Google incorporates cybersecurity into AI plan

  • Google has planned new cybersecurity products to make AI more useful and prevent people from using it for nefarious purposes, as well as to facilitate its detection.
  • Google’s cybersecurity planning and implementation began to show results last year. Google already demonstrated its focus on security last year by cancelling 333,000 malicious accounts on Google Play.
  • Google isn’t the only company combining AI and cybersecurity. Microsoft also appears to be investing in cybersecurity, including investment in the cybersecurity startup Rubrik.

With the increasing digitization of information, ensuring the security of data has become paramount.

Google’s plan

Google has developed Google Threat Intelligence, a new cybersecurity product that integrates the efforts of the Mandiant Cybersecurity Department and VirusTotal Threat Intelligence with the Gemini AI model. The new product utilises the Gemini 1.5 Pro-scale language model. Google claims that this integration will reduce the time required to mitigate malicious code attacks.

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Google’s countermeasures

Over 330,000 malicious accounts were terminated on Google Play worldwide last year. Google announced on April 30 that it had enhanced its ability to identify malicious actors and fraudulent apps through investments in review tools and processes. As a result, it cancelled over 333,000 malicious accounts on Google Play last year, which were engaged in activities such as distributing malware and repeatedly violating serious policies.

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It added that investments in newly improved security features, policy updates, and enhanced machine learning prevented 2.28 million apps from being published on Google Play.


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