Google deepMind launches new AI for drug discovery

  • Google DeepMind unveils a new generation of its AlphaFold AI model, enhancing drug discovery capabilities.
  • The updated AI tool maps all life’s molecules, including human DNA, speeding up the development of treatments.
  • AlphaFold server launches as a free, user-friendly online platform, aiding researchers in testing hypotheses efficiently.

Google DeepMind releases the third version of its AlphaFold AI model, advancing drug discovery by mapping all molecular behaviors, including human DNA. The company also introduces the AlphaFold server, a free tool that simplifies hypothesis testing for researchers.

DeepMind unveils AlphaFold upgrade

Google DeepMind introduces an advanced version of its AlphaFold AI, specifically designed to enhance drug discovery by mapping all biological molecules, including human DNA. This upgrade significantly accelerates the process of developing new treatments by enabling precise interaction modeling at the molecular level.

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AlphaFold Server debuts

Alongside the AlphaFold upgrade, DeepMind launches a user-friendly AlphaFold server, a free online tool that allows researchers to test their hypotheses efficiently. This server simplifies the testing process, making it accessible to biologists and other researchers without requiring deep computing skills, thus speeding up experimental validations.


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