Former Twitter, Tesla engineers launch Particle, an AI news reader

  •, a startup formed by ex-Twitter engineers, introduces an AI-driven news platform, offering users a personalised and multifaceted news consumption experience.
  • Sara Beykpour, former senior director at Twitter, and Marcel Molina, an ex-Twitter and Tesla senior engineer, join forces to launch, propelling the evolution of news dissemination through AI integration., a new venture founded by ex-Twitter programmers, is leveraging AI to offer a personalised, multi-perspective news experience that transcends simple summarisation.

Former Twitter and Tesla power duo launch

The company was started by Sara Beykpour, a former senior director of product management at Twitter. She oversaw the development of the experimental twttr app and worked on projects including Twitter Blue, and Twitter Video. Marcel Molina, her co-founder, was once a senior engineer at Tesla and Twitter.

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The idea of Particle, as Beykpour explained, is to use AI to make it simpler to stay up to date on news.

News viewers may receive a concise, bulleted synopsis of the story using content sourced from several sources by using Particle.

But Beykpour pointed out that readers can opt to delve deeper to “learn about how a story has unfolded over time” when she announced the private beta.

Investment surge

The venture-backed company has attracted money from a number of angel investors, including Ev Williams, co-founder of Medium and Twitter, as well as Kindred Ventures and Adverb Ventures.


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