Clearlake seeks $3B-plus sale of Confluence

  • Clearlake Capital considers selling Confluence Technologies, aiming for a valuation over $3 billion.
  • Morgan Stanley and Centerview Partners are assisting in the potential sale of Clearlake, the software provider.
  • a financial software and data management provider, has over 900 employees and serves over 1,000 clients globally.

Clearlake’s potential sale of its Confluence shows that it is capitalising its assets, which signals that the company may be looking for new ways of economic growth or it is facing financial shortage.
–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

Private equity firm Clearlake Capital is planning to sell Confluence Technologies, a financial software and data management company, with a target valuation of over $3 billion. The sale process is being handled by investment banks Morgan Stanley and Centerview Partners. Confluence, has expanded its services and workforce significantly, potentially making it a valuable asset in the financial technology sector.

Potential sale of Confluence

Clearlake Capital is considering selling Confluence Technologies, hoping to achieve a valuation exceeding $3 billion, including debt. This move comes as the private equity firm seeks to capitalise on the company’s growth and market position.

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Banking partners for the sale

Clearlake has enlisted the help of Morgan Stanley and Centerview Partners to manage the sale process of Confluence Technologies. These investment banks are tasked with dealing with the complex transaction to ensure the best outcome for Clearlake.

Confluence’s development

Confluence Technologies, founded in 1991, has expanded its operations globally, employing over 900 staff and serving more than 1,000 clients across 40 countries. The company’s recent acquisitions have boosted its offerings and revenue, positioning it as a significant player in the financial software and data management sector.


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