ChatGPT macOS app updates to eliminate security concerns

  • Unupdated ChatGPT macOS allows another application to access your files and download the text of conversations easily.
  • After the security breach is discovered, OpenAI updates its desktop ChatGPT application to encrypt locally stored records.

There is a worrying security issue with the pre-update ChatGPT macOS app: If a bad actor or malicious app gets access to your machine, they can easily read your conversations with ChatGPT and the data contained therein.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

ChatGPT macOS app previously released by OpenAI is accused of high security risks by storing conversations in plain text. OpenAI launches a new version of encrypted conversations in a timely manner to maintain high security standards.

OpenAI spokesperson Taya Christianson says in a statement: “We are aware of the issue and have launched a new version of the app that encrypts these conversations. As technology evolves, we are committed to providing a useful user experience.”

After downloading the update, the security concerns of the macOS version software have been eliminated and plain text conversations can no longer be seen.

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Why it’s important

The original macOS version of ChatGPT vulnerability may lead to user privacy disclosure, OpenAI quickly launches a new version of the application after realizing the security issue, such a quick response demonstrates OpenAI’s commitment to user security and privacy protection and is conducive to building a good brand image.

While OpenAI emphasises its commitment to providing a useful user experience, it is also continuously improving its technology to ensure security and privacy, and this incident is a reminder that users and technology companies face the need to adopt more thoughtful design to protect users’ privacy and data security in the digital age.


Zora Lin

Zora Lin is an intern news reporter at Blue Tech Wave specialising in Products and AI. She graduated from Chang’an University. Send tips to

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