Phil Schiller to represent Apple on OpenAI Board

  • As part of Apple’s partnership with OpenAI, Apple App Store head Phil Schiller will serve as an observer on OpenAI’s board of directors.
  • Schiller can sit in on and attend board meetings, but will not have any voting rights and will still have insight into the inner workings of OpenAI.

Philip W. Schiller is a member of Apple’s senior management team. In 2020, he becomes the first person in more than 20 years to be named an Apple Fellow, one of the company’s most senior positions. Schiller is also leading Apple’s efforts around the world to protect app store from antitrust charges.
–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

As part of the partnership, Apple will get an observer seat on OpenAI‘s board, with Phil Schiller, the head of Apple’s App Store and former head of marketing, in that role. In June, Apple announces a partnership with OpenAI at the Worldwide Developers Conference to bring ChatGPT to iOS 18.

A boardroom observer role will put Apple on a par with Microsoft Corp. Schiller will be able to sit in on and attend board meetings, but do not have any voting rights.

According to Bloomberg, the arrangement will take effect later this year. Schiller “has not yet attended any meetings of the OpenAI board,” and “the details of the situation are still subject to change.”

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Why it’s important

By deepening cooperation with OpenAI, Apple can better integrate artificial intelligence technologies such as ChatGPT into its iOS/iPadOS 18, macOS 15 Sequoia and other systems to bring personalised AI services to users, enhance the competitiveness of Apple products.

Phil Schiller will be able to sit in on and participate in OpenAI’s board of directors meetings to gain a deeper understanding of OpenAI’s internal operations and strategic planning, which will help Apple better understand the development direction of OpenAI and provide more accurate direction and basis for cooperation between the two sides.

This partnership also means that the two sides will maintain closer communication and collaboration on future technology research and product innovation, jointly promoting the development and application of AI technology.


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