Brilliant Labs has launched arGPT Monocle for iOS

Is Brilliant Labs going to bring AI everywhere? The tech company rolls out a wearable version of ChatGPT. The future is indeed here. Read to find out how this will change our daily lives.

Brilliant Labs has launched arGPT Monocle for iOS

Brilliant Labs has announced the official release of its arGPT smart glasses platform. Compatible with Apple’s iOS operating system, it will enable ChatGPT AI on smart glasses and wearables.

The next level of human machine interface (HCI) solutions are designed to provide hands-free access to a global knowledge base using voice prompts. The company’s Monocle AR device provides wearers with a head-up display (HUD), which is a major boost for those seeking to simplify everyday tasks.

ChatGPT Becomes Immersive

For those with ChatGPT experience, Brilliant Labs’ solutions will provide novel workflow tools for workplaces and businesses. Company employees can create real-time translations, build research, summaries, and other critical functions through augmented reality (AR) HUD.

Bobak Tavangar, CEO and co-founder of Brilliant Labs, said in a statement that such technology could support “the growing demand for ChatGPT.” Currently, the platform has more than 300 million users, and the use cases for immersive devices are constantly increasing.

He added that as we get closer to a future where persistent AI assistants are a reality, arGPT will be “the ideal solution for AR wearables.”

Tavangar previously worked at Apple as a product design program leader, where he developed the company’s supply chain technology platform. Tavangar founded the company with co-founders Raj Nakarja and Ben Heald with the aim of advancing HCI solutions through GenAI AR wearables.

What arGPT Offers

The open source ecosystem it aims to develop will provide support for users across vertical industries to support their workflows on Monocle devices.

Monocle will also enhance location-based ChatGPT responses, including the introduction of real-time translation without user input. Wearers can also use the platform for fact-checking, finding key information about their travels, and using the AR teleprompter feature.

Other features include an embedded microphone, a high-visibility AR display and a 5-megapixel camera. The device also offers Bluetooth connectivity, generative AI capabilities with a language learning model (LLM), and a diffusion model for creating content.


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