Brands and stars hit by TikTok cyber-attack

  • TikTok reports a cyber-attack affecting a few accounts. The attack targeted brands and celebrities, including CNN and Paris Hilton.
  • TikTok is working to restore access and enhance security, hightlighting the company’s commitment to maintaining platform integrity.

Recently, TikTok was attacked by hackers, which poses a threat to its users. However, there is no evidence to associate the cyberattack with the Chinese government.

–Audrey Huang, BTW reporter

TikTok has confirmed a cyber-attack targeting several brands and celebrities, with a limited number of accounts compromised. The platform, owned by ByteDance, is actively collaborating with affected users like CNN to restore access and strengthen security measures. Notably, while Paris Hilton’s account was targeted, it remained secure. This incident happens amidst ongoing concerns about TikTok’s data security and its ties to the Chinese government, and as it becomes a significant platform in the US election.

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TikTok’s response to cyber-attack

TikTok has acknowledged a cyber-attack that includes a few of its accounts, primarily targeting high-profile brands and celebrities. The company is working closely with affected users, such as CNN, to regain access to their accounts and enhance cyber-security. A spokesperson emphasised TikTok’s commitment to maintaining platform integrity and monitoring for any further suspicious activities.

Impact on US politics and security concerns

The cyber-attack on TikTok comes at a critical time as the platform faces potential bans in the US due to security concerns and its Chinese ownership. Currently, TikTok is emerging as a key battleground for the US elections, with both former President Trump and current President Biden using the platform for political propaganda. Despite security issues, TikTok remains a popular choice for direct communication with millions of users, highlighting its importance in the digital age.


Audrey Huang

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