Apple smart ring/glove patent approved

  • Apple has secured a patent from the USPTO for a smart ring/glove designed to enable wearers to interact with virtual objects in spatial computing.
  • The patented device, featuring sensors on each fingertip, aims to enhance interaction with virtual reality content by detecting hand movements.
  • Apple’s proposed solution addresses challenges with wearable devices like discomfort and limited input collection, offering tactile feedback for improved user experience in virtual environments.

According to a recent listing from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple has been granted a patent for a smart ring/glove aimed at allowing wearers to touch and feel virtual objects in spatial computing.

The patent, titled “Device Worn on a Finger with Sensors and Haptic Feedback,” features sensors on each fingertip to detect hand movements for better interaction with virtual reality content.

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Challenges exist in this new product development

Apple notes challenges with wearable devices like gloves affecting users’ ability to perceive surroundings, discomfort from prolonged wear, and difficulty collecting suitable input.

Their proposed solution is finger-worn equipment to collect finger input for interactions with the virtual world, providing tactile feedback like clicks.

As an example, with Apple’s Vision Pro and similar wearables, if someone throws a virtual ball in the virtual world, the tactile sensors on the fingertips could simulate the sensation of catching it.


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