Apple and Meta discuss AI partnership

  • Apple plans to incorporate Meta’s generative AI model into its AI system for iPhones and other devices.
  • Apple has delayed the launch of AI features in Europe and is actively exploring cooperation opportunities with local Chinese companies.

If Apple and Meta successfully cooperate in the field of AI, it will bring a strong driving force for Apple’s new round of machine replacement. The replacement trend brought by AI will be stronger than 5G upgrade’s, because the differentiation advantage of Apple AI landing is stronger, and AI is expected to bring more quality experience to users. Therefore, the iPhone is expected to usher in strong replacement momentum in 2025.

–Zora Lin, BTW reporter

What happened

Facebook’s parent company Meta has been in discussions with Apple to integrate Meta’s generative AI model into its recently released Apple Intelligence services for iPhones and other devices, according to the WSJ.

So far, the above discussions have not been finalized and may fail. The deal with Apple will help the AI company gain wider distribution of its products, the report says. The talks involve AI companies selling premium subscriptions to their services through Apple Intelligence.

In addition to Google and Meta, artificial intelligence startups Anthropic and Perplexity have also been in talks with Apple about bringing their generative artificial intelligence to Apple’s Perplexity systems.

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Why it’s important

Apple launched Apple Intelligence function on June 10. Next, generative AI will be integrated into Apple’s latest operating system, injected into the voice assistant Siri, and appear in the form of tools on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The capabilities of these apps include writing assistance, email assistance, photo editing, personalized emoji generation, language retrieval, and more.

But Apple’s new feature won’t easily attract a lot of investment, and may face stricter regulatory and market requirements. Ming-Chi Kuo, Tian Feng International analyst, released a brief comment on Apple Intelligence on social media, saying that Apple Intelligence fully demonstrates Apple’s ecological integration and interface design advantages, and emphasizes the enhancement of existing applications, which is practical for users, while investors are looking forward to original and must-have features, as well as concerns that Apple Intelligence will not be available globally at the same time and that the key selling points of integrating ChatGPT will be available in all major markets around the world.

Apple says that due to the regulatory uncertainty caused by the European Union’s Digital Market Law, the company will not release new AI technologies including Apple Intelligence, iPhone mirroring and SharePlay screen sharing to EU users this year on June 21. European Commission is preparing a case against Apple after concluding that the company had failed to meet its obligation to allow App developers to “direct” users to purchases outside its App Store without charging them,according to Financial Times. These confirm our concern.

What’s more, Apple has been in contact with a number of Chinese AI model companies, including Baidu, Alibaba and artificial Intelligence startup Bai Chuan Intelligence, in order to promote its Apple Intelligence service in the Chinese market. 


Zora Lin

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