Amazon to charge for new AI Alexa

  • Amazon is set to launch an enhanced version of its Alexa voice assistant, powered by artificial intelligence. This upgrade is part of Amazon’s strategic initiative to stay competitive with AI developments from companies like OpenAI and Google.
  • The new AI-powered Alexa will require a monthly subscription fee, separate from the Amazon Prime membership. This decision stems from the need to cover the costs associated with advanced technology deployment.
  • Amazon has not yet finalised the pricing for the new Alexa services. This development is a significant shift as the company aims to monetise Alexa more effectively, moving away from its traditional role of driving traffic to Amazon’s e-commerce platform.

Amazon plans to launch an AI-enhanced Alexa requiring a separate subscription, distinct from the Prime membership, to cover new tech costs. This move aims to monetise Alexa amidst stiff competition from AI advancements by OpenAI and Google. The initiative follows substantial investments in AI, including a $4 billion stake in AI firm Anthropic, as Amazon seeks to boost its market position.

Alexa AI revamp

Amazon is set to revitalise its Alexa voice assistant with advanced artificial intelligence features, making it more conversational and capable. This development is a part of Amazon’s broader strategy to compete with technological advancements from rivals like OpenAI and Google. By enhancing Alexa, Amazon aims to improve user experience and leverage AI’s potential across its consumer businesses.

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New subscription model

The introduction of the new AI-enhanced Alexa will be accompanied by a new pricing strategy, where it will be available through a monthly subscription that is separate from the Amazon Prime membership. This move reflects Amazon’s need to cover the substantial costs associated with integrating sophisticated AI into its products. It marks a strategic shift for Amazon, aiming to monetise Alexa more effectively amidst increasing competition in the AI domain. This is in line with its significant investments in AI, including a major stake in the AI company Anthropic, as Amazon seeks to reinforce its position in the competitive tech market.


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