Amazon’s Olympus AI model to have twice the power of ChatGPT, release date still unknown

  • Amazon’s Olympus AI LLM has a massive 20 trillion parameters, twice that of Chat GPT-4. 
  • Project led by Rohit Prasad, key exec for Alexa, and is still under tight wraps.

Amazon has launched an ambitious Artificial Intelligence (AI) Large Language Model (LLM) codenamed “Olympus”. The news has sent ripples across the industry, pitting Amazon against top-tier AI competitors like OpenAI and Alphabet.

Amazon’s AI product upgrades

Amazon postponed the release of an earlier AI model, Titan, last year, citing technical issues and the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

But a year later Amazon has declared that Olympus may be one of the largest AI models in history, boasting an astonishing 20 trillion parameters, compared to GPT-4’s 10 trillion. The implications of this computational power are of course immense.

However, experts have said that larger models do not necessarily equate to greater capability.

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Plan of AI product

The driving force behind this ambitious venture is Rohit Prasad, an experienced Amazon executive known for his role in the development of Alexa. The new AI features are built upon a customised LLM, promising to enable Alexa to engage in conversations with users, compose messages, and respond to more complex queries. Amazon is still previewing Alexa’s AI capabilities among select users, suggesting the possibility of charging subscription fees for access in the future.

Prasad now reports directly to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy, leading the team of researchers responsible for bringing Olympus to life. Prasad has amalgamated the talent behind Alexa AI and the Amazon Science team, creating a unified front dedicated to training cutting-edge artificial intelligence models. This consolidation of AI efforts underscores Amazon’s commitment to fostering innovation and dedicating significant resources to AI research.

Due to its groundbreaking nature, this effort has been kept under wraps. Those privy to the project have chosen to remain anonymous, highlighting the confidentiality surrounding ‘Olympus.’

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The timeline for releasing the new Olympus model remains elusive. Because these initiatives require substantial investments in computational power, they become cost-intensive. Amazon has maintained silence regarding this project.

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