AI platform Writer launches feature for text generation from images

  • Palmyra-Vision, a new feature developed by Writer, a San Francisco-based company, offers AI-based text generation from images, charts, and graphs.
  • The innovative Palmyra-Vision uses a multiple model technique with impressive accuracy, as highlighted by the CEO May Habib.
  • Habib emphasises the importance of human oversight when using such tools

A San Francisco firm called Writer is developing generative AI writing tools. The business today unveiled Palmyra-Vision, a new feature for its Palmyra model that allows it to create text from pictures, including graphs and charts.

Palmyra-Vision’s text-generating AI

The Palmyra-Vision uses a multiple model technique, where each model is assigned a certain task to determine what is in the image and then generates the text with four nines of accuracy.

The CEO and co-founder of the firm, May Habib, states that their strategic choice to focus on multimodal content includes the ability to produce words from photos.

 “We are going to be focused on multimodal input, but text output, so text generation and insight that is delivered via text,” said Habib.

There are several applications for this, such as an e-commerce website that can automatically understand important insights from charts and graphs and generate text to update the site with the newest products.

Compliance checking is an additional illustration. A pharmaceutical corporation, for example, may employ Palmyra-Vision to automatically verify that advertisement content complies with FDA standards.

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Habib stresses the importance of human oversight

According to Habib, utilising these tools without a human review as part of the workflow is not recommended. She thinks that this is crucial because any model may exaggerate or merely misrepresent the facts, so it’s critical to have someone verify the outcomes.

Firm eyes cloud platform collaboration

Based on Crunchbase statistics, the firm has received $126 million so far. As it looks to grow, it is now in talks about collaborating with major cloud infrastructure platforms.

In September of last year, it completed its most recent round, a $100 million Series B headed by Iconiq.


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