AI investor relations officer will ‘enhance task efficiency and strengthen corporate branding’

  • Waton Securities launched AI-IRO, a bespoke solution that leverages AI to streamline IR tasks and boost corporate branding.
  • AI-IRO offers 24/7 support and drastically reduces the time and effort required for critical IR activities, revolutionising how public companies manage investor relations.

Waton Securities’ launch of the AI-IRO represents a forward-thinking move that capitalises on the potential of generative AI to revolutionise investor relations. By addressing traditional challenges and harnessing the power of AI, the company is paving the way for a more efficient, secure, and engaging future in financial communications. This initiative aligns with broader industry trends and positions Waton Securities as a leader in the innovative application of AI in finance.
–Vicky Wu, BTW reporter

What happened

Waton Securities International Limited, a Hong Kong-based brokerage and SaaS service provider, unveiled its AI Investor Relations Officer (AI-IRO) at the 10th Investor Relations Awards, hosted by the Hong Kong Investor Relations Association. This bespoke solution, designed for public companies, advances investor relations into an AI-driven era, harnessing capital market data to enhance task efficiency and strengthen corporate branding.

Partnering with Amazon Web Services, Waton Securities utilises advanced language models and robust tech infrastructure for the AI-IRO. The solution integrates vector knowledge bases, supports text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities, while prioritising information security and compliance through advanced encryption and data management.

Traditionally, IR departments struggle with investor engagement. The AI-IRO addresses this by assimilating compliance data and market insights, serving as an intelligent aide for precise, coherent responses and 24/7 interaction, building investor trust. It boosts IR specialists’ productivity in market data aggregation, material creation, press release drafting, and meeting summaries, significantly cutting time and effort. Additionally, the AI-IRO AI-IRO significantly upgrades IR professionals’ efficiency in key tasks, including market data compilation, IR materials prep, press release drafting, and meeting minute organisation, markedly slashing time and effort spent.

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Why it’s important

The integration of generative AI is catalysing a profound transformation within the financial sector, ushering in unprecedented levels of operational efficiency. The algorithms and models underpinning AI-IRO have emerged as indispensable strategic tools for financial establishments, streamlining decision-making, curtailing overheads, and enabling the provision of customised financial offerings.

As highlighted in the “2024 Financial Industry Generative Artificial Intelligence Application Report,” a collaborative publication by Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management and other eminent research entities, generative AI is anticipated to infuse an additional $30 trillion into the financial ecosystem over the course of three years. This influx is poised to precipitate a radical overhaul in trading mechanisms, asset management methodologies, and risk evaluation frameworks.

Waton Securities underscores its steadfast commitment to harnessing its profound fintech acumen, spearheaded by a globally diverse team of doctoral-level experts, and deploying proprietary, avant-garde AI technologies. The firm’s overarching goal is to pioneer AI-infused solutions that democratise the advantages of financial technology, nurturing a future wherein technological advancement coexists harmoniously with human-centric compassion.


Vicky Wu

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