IGenius seeks $700M for AI advancements in finance and public sectors

  • IGenius, established in 2016, is navigating the burgeoning European AI landscape, alongside prominent counterparts like France’s Mistral and Germany’s DeepL.
  • Notable backers such as Intesa Sanpaolo’s Eurizon and Angel Capital Management are early participants in the funding initiative, propelling iGenius towards unicorn status, indicative of its valuation surpassing $1 billion.
  • IGenius recently unveiled “Italia,” an open-source Large Language Model (LLM), uniquely tailored for Italian language intricacies, showcasing unprecedented linguistic and cultural comprehension.

IGenius’s bold move to secure substantial funding reflects a broader trend of investing in AI’s future. Its commitment to linguistic and cultural precision with “Italia” highlights a nuanced approach to technology development. As the company strides towards unicorn status, it not only mirrors its past achievements but also illuminates a promising future where AI solutions are tailored to meet specific and diverse needs, making a significant mark on global AI advancements.
Dudu, BTW Reporter

Italian AI pioneer, iGenius, is embarking on a funding quest, targeting 650 million euros ($698.56 million) to propel its generative AI innovations in financial and public domains, announced the Milan-based firm on Tuesday.

Unicorn status in sight

With the influx of significant investments, iGenius is poised to achieve unicorn status, a milestone reflecting a valuation exceeding $1 billion. This funding round sees prominent investors such as Intesa Sanpaolo’s Eurizon and Angel Capital Management showing robust confidence in iGenius’s vision and potential.

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Leading AI innovations

iGenius’s recent launch of “Italia,” an open-source Large Language Model, exemplifies its commitment to innovation. This tool, designed to master the subtleties of the Italian language, demonstrates iGenius’s ambition to lead in AI technology tailored for specific linguistic and cultural contexts.

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Expanding horizons

Chief Executive Uljan Sharka views this capital injection as a transformative step. “Thanks to this capital hike, we are taking a big step forward to drive our progress in the AI sector for regulated industries,” he stated. This sentiment underscores the strategic importance of the funding for accelerating iGenius’s growth and impact.

Opinions and analysis

The funding drive by iGenius is a testament to the growing recognition of AI’s transformative potential, particularly in highly regulated sectors like finance and public administration. Investors are betting on the company’s ability to not only innovate but also to customise AI solutions that address specific regional and linguistic needs. This is seen as a strategic move that could set iGenius apart in the crowded AI market.

Moreover, the focus on regulated industries suggests a cautious yet ambitious approach. By targeting sectors that demand high compliance and precision, iGenius aims to build trust and showcase the reliability of its AI solutions. This could pave the way for broader adoption and integration of AI in other critical areas.


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