AI chatbots, life-changers for the neurodiverse

  • AI chatbot helped a number of people who suffer from diseases, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism.
  • Those patients choose the chatbot for its simplicity and no need to excessively explain why for their questions.
  • A series of apps, including Goblin Tools and InnerVoice, have been developed to help people with neurodiversity.

While AI chatbots serve merely as an interesting tool for many people, they have transformed many people’s lives, especially those with neurodiversity, by helping them solve some questions that may otherwise be seen as unnecessary.

Cases of using AI chatbot

For Yasmin Shaheen-Zaffar, who has dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD and used to struggle with written assignments, Jasper, a popular AI chatbot, helps her tidy up both the structure and spelling of her written work, which now even includes a recently published self-help book for people with neurodiversity. From this perspective, AI transforms her life. AI is also a practical tool for Alex Sergent, a tech entrepreneur who suffers from his extreme attention to detail. By using the tool, he is able to record and organise his meetings with ease.

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Why would they choose AI?

The main reason people with psychiatric or psychological conditions may be gravitating towards AI tools is not just the ease, but the fact that they do not feel shameful to ask them questions that may be considered redundant.

Other specially designed AI

While a number of the tools now being used by the neurodiverse community are mainstream AI products, some apps are particularly created for it, such as a website and app called Goblin Tools and InnerVoice, which helps parents animate an object or person from the child’s life for their child with autism.


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