AI boosts consecutive periods of growth in PC shipments

  • Global shipments of personal computers witnessed a notable recovery in the second quarter, marking a significant turnaround for the industry.
  • The resurgence in PC demand is mainly encouraged by the higher interest in AI-capable devices, signalling a broader revitalisation of the PC market.

Another sector gains its benefit from the development of AI technology. AI-capable devices are transforming a once-stagnant industry, hinting at a future where traditional PCs may be obsolete. Excluding China, the surge is even more pronounced, suggesting a global shift in tech priorities.
–Ashley Wang, BTW reporter

What happened

The consecutive period of growth in PC shipments was driven by the demand for AI-capable devices, according to the data from IDC, a research firm, on Tuesday. In the past three months, which ended in June, the shipments of desktops and laptops around the world have increased 3% from the previous year, reaching 64.9 million units. After two years of decline, the market for PCs seems to be rebounding from a slump in orders following a buying spree driven by the pandemic.

Apple emerged as a standout performer, experiencing a remarkable 20.8% increase in shipments compared to the same quarter last year, marking the highest growth among major PC manufacturers. Acer Group also saw substantial growth with a 13.7% rise in shipments, contributing to the overall industry resurgence. However, challenges persist, particularly in China, where weak demand continues to impact overall market performance.

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Why it’s important

The resurgence in PC demand can be attributed to several factors. The market has benefitted from a rebound in consumer and commercial spending following the pandemic slowdowns in previous years. Additionally, there has been heightened interest in AI-capable devices, which are increasingly seen as essential for modern computing tasks, although there are some non-AI PC devices. Despite the hype surrounding AI, traditional PC purchases have also contributed significantly to the market’s recovery, reflecting a broader revitalisation of the mature PC market segment.

Computer makers have touted the AI PCs which are specifically designed to run AI tasks. A cycle of new purchases in PCs highlights a positive trend for the industry and signals a renewed cycle of technological upgrades among consumers and businesses. As the market continues to evolve with innovations like AI-driven PCs, manufacturers are poised to capitalise on this momentum to drive further growth and innovation in the coming quarters.


Ashley Wang

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