Adobe Introduces “cr” LOGO for AI content recognition

Adobe is spearheading the launch of a new logo to identify images and content created or edited using artificial intelligence tools.

Adobe, in collaboration with numerous partners including BBC, Microsoft, Nikon, and Truepic, has developed a solution called Content Credentials with the aim of identifying AI content. This innovative system allows for information about the source of images, videos, or PDF files to be added to metadata, indicating whether AI algorithms were used in the creation or editing process.

“cr” to be automatically imprentend on AI content

This additional information is automatically included in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, with Microsoft planning to support it in Bing Image Creator. Applications or browsers that support this feature, implemented using JavaScript, will display a lowercase “cr” logo in the upper right corner of images when viewing the content.

When users click on this logo, a pop-up window will appear, providing information about the image. Dubious files can also be uploaded to a dedicated website where necessary metadata will be displayed.

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Metadata offers no guaranteeAdobe is not the only company fulfilling its promise to provide AI content labels. Previously, Google introduced its own solution called SynthID. However, critics have raised concerns about the effectiveness of such methods, suggesting that falsifying metadata is not a difficult task.

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