9 very different ways AI is changing the world

  • From peacekeeping and education, to combatting misinformation, AI tools are being used to improve life for millions of people.
  • AI is bridging communication gaps, protecting digital content, and partnering with organizations like the United Nations.
  • AI simplifies tasks like video editing, web development, job searching, and travel planning for individuals and businesses.

Artificial Intelligence has transcended its humble beginnings as a basic algorithm tool, to become arguably the greatest developmental innovation since the industrial revolution.

And far from being confined to chatbot functionalities, AI’s scope has expanded into critical domains, influencing life-or-death outcomes in areas such as healthcare, safety, and crisis management.

So while applications like ChatGPT have reshaped global communication patterns, the influence of AI extends well beyond chatbots or productivity tools. It is a catalyst for transformative changes across diverse sectors, including education, healthcare, and peacekeeping, hinting at a future where AI’s role is integral to societal progress and well-being.

Here are nine intriguing AI tools that really are changing the world for the better.

1. AI in peacekeeping: CulturePulse AI

CulturePulse models the belief systems that drive audience action so you can predict behavior more accurately, with less data, and in less time. It allows you to precisely predict what resonates with an audience using AI-powered A/B testing to take the guesswork out of creating content.

And it has been doing this to keep peace in some war-stricken areas.

In the UK, for example, CulturePulse worked on The Forgiveness project at Cambridge University, using highly advanced Multi-agent Artificial Intelligence (MAAI) models to simulate and analyze social conditions for conflict and peace in Northern Ireland. This involved distilling tens of millions of articles from the largest database of human society ever created (GDelt) into 80 aspects of culture, psychology and morality underpinning the NI conflict.

CulturePulse also used this novel approach in The Balkans, in particular Bosnia and Herzegovina,  with the goal of seeking to comprehend the conditions that foster cooperation or exacerbate conflict in transitional societies. 

The team also worked on the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Greek island of Lesbos, focusing on integrating refugees into host communities by understanding moral differences and values. 

Culturepulse for institutions

“Finding ways for AI to better protect and serve in those key democratic functions that we don’t always think about is really important. When we think about democracy often we think about what our governments do for us. We don’t always think about democracy as an ideal and things like free speech and freedom of association and you know, freedom of economy, and the ability to have free and fair elections.”

Justin Lane, cognitive scientist and co-founder of Slovakian AI platform CulturePulse

Lane also said that people should not rely on artificial intelligence to make critical decisions about free speech, elections or censorship, but should use artificial intelligence to better understand ourselves and our society.

2. Revolutionizing education: Alpha

Alpha’s innovative educational approach is centered around the transformative Alpha AI Tutor, which redefines the role of technology in education. This AI-driven system allows students to spend just two hours a day on academics, achieving double the learning efficiency compared to traditional six-hour school days. The AI Tutor replaces outdated teaching methods, offering a personalized learning experience that adapts to each student’s pace.


The standard school system, according to Alpha, wastes twelve years of a child’s life in an inefficient environment, evidenced by the decline in student happiness and standardized test scores that stagnate at high school levels. The Alpha AI Tutor addresses this by ensuring a more engaging and tailored educational journey.

Additionally, Alpha emphasizes real-world skills through its Limitless Life Skills Workshops, also enhanced by AI technology. These workshops are project-based, allowing students to explore their passions while acquiring practical skills. Alpha, with its AI Tutor and innovative programs, aims to revolutionize education by making it more efficient, personalized, and aligned with real-world skills and student passions.

AI-powered tools and technologies have made personalized learning a reality, allowing students to receive tailored instruction that suits their individual needs and learning styles. AI-driven analytics enable educators to gain insights into student performance, identifying areas of improvement and adapting teaching strategies accordingly. The accessibility of online courses and digital educational resources has also expanded, making education more inclusive and accessible to learners worldwide. While AI presents great opportunities, it also raises ethical and privacy concerns that must be carefully addressed to ensure the responsible and equitable use of these technologies in education.

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3. Combating misinformation: DeepMedia

DeepMedia, an AI Communication company, is revolutionizing the way we connect and safeguard information. Using its proprietary data and patented AI algorithms, the company has developed groundbreaking products like Universal Translation and DeepFake/AI Detection. These innovations are crucial in a world where digital misinformation is a growing threat.


Partnering with prestigious organizations such as the United States Department of Defense, the United Nations, and global tech giants, DeepMedia is integrating its technology at the highest levels. Their mission is clear: to bridge communication gaps and ensure the authenticity of digital content.

DeepMedia’s core offerings include generating life-like synthetic audio and video for cross-language communication and detecting manipulated content for national defense and commercial purposes. With a U.S. patented machine learning platform and over 1 million in-house datasets, DeepMedia has a competitive edge in the AI communication domain.

Recognized in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and Forbes Next 1000, and with several U.S. and international patents, DeepMedia is not just facilitating global communication but also actively protecting the truth in the digital age. Their impact on AI detection is pivotal in maintaining the integrity of information in our increasingly connected world.

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Pop quiz

Which AI App below is for education?

A. CulturePulse

B. Alpha

C. DeepMedia

D. Mixo

The answer is at the bottom of this article.

4. Streamlining content creation: Capsule

Capsule, a cutting-edge video editing platform, has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize video editing, making it accessible to everyone. Inspired by user-friendly business tools like Notion and Slides, Capsule offers a user interface that is intuitive and approachable.


At the core of Capsule’s mission is the belief that ‘AI = video for everyone.’ Their goal is to redefine the concept of a “video editor” to include all individuals within an organization who have stories to tell. Traditional video editing is known for its complexity, but Capsule’s AI-driven approach aims to change that.

AI plays a pivotal role in Capsule’s video editing capabilities. It empowers individuals, regardless of their prior editing experience, to achieve professional-grade results. Capsule’s interface eliminates the complexities associated with traditional video editing, such as intricate timelines, layers, and keyframe animations. This innovation makes Capsule a leader in the field of user-friendly video editing technology.

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5. Simplifying web development: Mixo

Mixo simplifies website creation using AI technology. Users can generate websites quickly with just a brief project description, eliminating the need for coding or design skills. The platform also includes built-in email waiting list functionality, making it a comprehensive solution for launching, growing, and testing ideas.


Mixo’s strengths lie in its ability to streamline website customization and idea validation. It enables user engagement through email, surveys, and interviews, making it ideal for pre-launching products, gathering insights, building waiting lists, conducting beta tests, and validating new product concepts. Additionally, Mixo offers integrated subscriber management tools, fostering lasting connections with the audience. Users can export subscribers to marketing platforms and track detailed analytics through Google Analytics. This versatile platform is a valuable asset for individuals and businesses seeking to establish a robust online presence and effectively engage with their target audience.

6. Health care: Docus.ai 

Docus, the AI-Powered Health Platform, stands at the intersection of advanced technology and medical proficiency. Docus provides users with a personalized AI Health Assistant and allows them to get medical second opinions from top doctors. Its overarching mission is to enhance human health by amalgamating state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of top-tier medical professionals. Docus is unwavering in its commitment to bridging the gap between individuals and the realm of medicine, ensuring that vital healthcare resources are within reach for everyone, regardless of their location.

Docus AI health assistant

AI’s impact is profound, revolutionizing various aspects of healthcare delivery. Not only the chatbot of patients, AI-powered diagnostic tools are enhancing accuracy and speed in identifying medical conditions, enabling early intervention and better patient outcomes. Machine learning algorithms are being employed to predict disease trends and epidemics, aiding in proactive public health measures. AI-driven robotics are assisting in surgeries, reducing risks, and improving surgical precision. Additionally, AI-powered virtual health assistants are providing personalised healthcare guidance and facilitating remote patient monitoring. As AI continues to evolve, it holds the promise of making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric.

7. Mental health: Wysa

Mental health that meets people where they are. Completely anonymous. Wysa’s clinically validated AI gives immediate support as the first step of care, and human coaching for those who need more. Transform how supported your teams and families feel.

Wysa App

Wysa’s AI-driven mental health platform offers immediate support and coaching to individuals in need. Recognized as one of the Top 5 Innovations in Mental Health by Forbes in 2022 and named the Best App in 2020 by Google Play, Wysa operates through four essential steps:

Step 1. Engaging with an AI Coach: Users start by opening up to a conversational AI coach.

Step 2. Structured Programs and Self-care: Wysa provides structured mental health programs and on-demand self-care resources

Step 3. Professional Collaboration: Users can collaborate with human professionals when necessary.

Step 4. Customized Escalation: Tailored pathways for more specialized care.

Wysa’s conversational AI creates a confidential space for users to address worries and stressors, preventing their escalation into severe mental health issues. Wysa’s coaches offer one-on-one sessions and unlimited messaging support. The platform’s SOS feature directs individuals to crisis care helplines when needed.

Research reveals that many employees suffer from depression or anxiety, yet few access Employee Assistance Programs due to stigma and other barriers. Wysa helps bridge this gap, with 42% of users opening up about their mental health concerns. An impressive 9 in 10 users find Wysa’s support helpful, and AI-led assistance reduces the burden on human resources while improving symptoms for users.

AI has revolutionized mental health by offering immediate, non-judgmental support through chatbots and applications. These tools provide accessible, anonymous spaces for users to address their emotional concerns, breaking down barriers to seeking help. AI analyzes data for early issue detection and delivers personalized interventions. Its transformative impact makes mental health support more efficient and accessible to a wider audience, reducing stigma and enhancing overall well-being.

8. Job search and application: Sonara

Sonara, an AI-driven job search platform, is set to redefine the way job seekers secure employment. Tired of the arduous task of manually applying for jobs, Sonara streamlines the process by combing through millions of daily job listings to identify the most promising opportunities and automatically submit applications on behalf of users.


Sonara starts with a brief one-time questionnaire, providing critical insights into each user’s job preferences. With this data, Sonara’s AI swiftly identifies the most fitting job prospects. Finally, Sonara takes the reins by efficiently submitting job applications, leaving users to eagerly await interview invitations. This innovative platform is poised to revolutionize job hunting, making it more efficient and user-friendly, ushering in a new era of convenience in the job search process.

AI has revolutionized job-seeking by automating and expediting the process. AI-powered platforms swiftly match candidates with suitable job openings, saving time and increasing the chances of finding the right fit. It also aids employers in identifying top candidates more accurately. Overall, AI has transformed how we approach and navigate the job search, making it more efficient and convenient.

9. Travel planning: Wonderplan

Wonderplan is your personal travel curator, shaping unique itineraries around your passions and wallet. This cutting-edge platform is set to transform the way people plan and embark on their journeys, offering custom-tailored suggestions, hand-picked accommodations, and optimally efficient travel itineraries. The era of tedious travel research and accommodation hunting is over, as Wonderplan takes care of all the groundwork, allowing travelers to focus on the most crucial aspect: having a great time.


Wonderplan’s offerings encompass the creation of bespoke itineraries that precisely cater to an individual’s interests, budget, and time constraints. Moreover, the platform excels in finding the most optimal routes from one destination to another, taking into account factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and the traveler’s unique preferences. AI has undoubtedly revolutionized the travel planning landscape, making it more user-friendly, expeditious, and profoundly personalized than ever before.

The correct answer to the pop quiz is  B. Alpha


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