X tops Apple’s App Store amidst celebrity picture controversy

  • X surged to become the most popular free app on Apple’s App Store on Wednesday, even with multiple celebrity photo scandals.
  • In response to the emergence of AI-generated images of Taylor Swift in late January, the platform took the decisive step of restricting all searches related to the singer’s name.

Alleged images trend on X

X became the most popular free app on Apple’s App Store on Wednesday, coinciding with the rise in another celebrity picture controversy on the site.

On Wednesday, there was a notable increase in the utilisation of the hashtag “drakevideo” across the United States, following the widespread distribution of a video on social media that many theorised showed rapper Drake inappropriate pictures.

In late January, the platform began witnessing the emergence of fabricated, AI-generated images depicting Taylor Swift, prompting the company to ultimately restrict all searches related to the singer’s name.

Nevertheless, despite the scandals, there seemed to be no noticeable impact on X in terms of downloads.

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Musk celebrates top App Store ranking

Elon Musk, the proprietor of X, proudly announced the app’s ascent to the summit of the App Store rankings on Wednesday, saying, “If I had a dollar for every time the media reported that one of my companies was going to die, I would never need to raise money!”

The company has already taken down thousands of posts for violations and assures that it is “actively monitoring the situation” to promptly remove any additional ones.


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