Tinder dating app adds cupid feature but at a hefty cost

Tinder, the world-famous dating app, is just added a feature that lets your friends and family get in on the swiping action. It’s like having your very own personal Cupid at your disposal.

Known as “Matchmaker,” Tinder intends for the feature to add a new layer of fun and social engagement to its long-established dating service.

Your inner circle gets to have a say

The new Matchmaker feature now allows users to seek out recommendations from their closest confidants. If you’re someone who values your friend’s opinion before swiping right or left, this new feature will make your matchmaking endeavors official.

To use the feature: just create a session, and a unique link will be generated. You can share this link with up to 15 people, even if they don’t have a Tinder profile themselves. Everyone is welcome to join in on a Matchmaker session.

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Each Matchmaker session lasts for 24 hours. During this time, your selected matchmakers will review profiles on your behalf. They can swipe right on profiles they believe would be a great match for you.

After the 24-hour period expires, you can review their recommendations. The recommended profiles will come with a special label. Even the profiles they reject will still appear but without any distinct marking.

Users get to make the final verdict

The Matchmaker feature won’t replace Tinder users themselves. No matter how many profiles your friends suggest, the final decision still rests with you. You’re in control, with the ultimate say in whether you want to swipe right or initiate a conversation with the recommended profiles.

This feature offers users an additional filter for selecting potential matches. At its heart, it’s a quirky and fun way for family members to lend a hand in their single loved one’s dating journey. At its most basic, it’s an entertaining way to come up with creative matches for a friend.

Price tag might not be the easiest swipe

The Matchmaker feature has already launched in 15 countries worldwide, including the US, and Tinder plans to expand it further in the near future. This exciting development marks a significant step in the app’s evolution since the introduction of the exclusive $500 premium monthly subscription for its most active users in September.

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But Tinder’s ambitions don’t stop here. Match Group, the parent company of Tinder and Hinge, is gearing up to introduce AI tools to help users select their best profile pictures and understand why matches are compatible. The goal? To make finding happiness in the world of online dating quicker, safer, and more effective.

In the game of love, every little bit of help counts including those of your friends and family. As long as you pay $500 each month, this help is all yours for the taking.

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