Chinese cyber espionage: Dutch intelligence reveals alarming scope

  • Dutch military intelligence reveals extensive Chinese cyber espionage targeting Western governments and defence companies.
  • MIVD agency unveils a staggering revelation, indicating a Chinese state-backed hacking group claimed over 20,000 victims worldwide within a few months, with potentially more casualties.
  • The embassy of China in The Hague remains silent amidst mounting allegations, adhering to Beijing’s customary denial of cyber espionage accusations and condemnation of all cyberattacks.

The unveiling of China’s cyber espionage activities is a wake-up call to the world, a chilling reminder that our digital fortresses are not as impregnable as we once believed. In the shadow of such extensive cyber incursions, the time for isolated efforts is over. Let this be the moment we choose to rise above the threats, to stand together as a global community committed to the cause of cyber defense, ensuring that the digital realm remains a space for innovation, not infiltration.

–Dudu, BTW Reporter

The agency advocates for the adoption of the “Assume Breach” principle, urging organisations to proactively prepare for and respond to digital intrusions.

Dutch military intelligence, in a startling disclosure on Monday, unveiled the pervasive reach of Chinese cyber espionage, surpassing initial estimations and posing a significant threat to Western governments and defence enterprises. The revelation, made by the MIVD agency, underscores the urgency for enhanced cybersecurity measures amid escalating tensions in the digital realm.

Escalating cyber threat

Dutch military intelligence, represented by the MIVD agency, sounded the alarm on Monday, revealing the far-reaching extent of Chinese cyber espionage activities. Contrary to earlier assessments, the agency disclosed that a Chinese state-backed hacking group, implicated in a 2023 attack on the Dutch defence ministry, had victimised over 20,000 entities globally within a short span, with potentially more undisclosed targets. This revelation amplifies concerns over the vulnerability of Western governments and defence companies to sophisticated cyber intrusions orchestrated by nation-states.

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Urgent call for vigilance

The MIVD agency’s disclosure underscores the critical need for heightened vigilance and proactive cybersecurity measures. With Chinese cyber actors brazenly targeting Western governments, international organisations, and defence industry entities, organisations are urged to adopt the “Assume Breach” principle, operating under the assumption of an ongoing or imminent digital intrusion. Amidst escalating geopolitical tensions, bolstering cyber defences emerges as imperative to safeguarding sensitive information and critical infrastructure.


The revelation of China’s extensive cyber espionage activities is a sobering reminder of the ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape. As nations navigate the complexities of cyberspace, it is paramount to unite efforts in fortifying defences and fostering international cooperation to mitigate the risks posed by malicious actors. The alarming scope of Chinese cyber intrusions underscores the imperative for collective action to safeguard national security interests and preserve the integrity of global digital infrastructure.


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