Sense Arena Designated as Official ATP VR Tennis Training Tool 

Bob Tetiva, CEO of Sense Arena, and Daniele Sano, Chief Commercial Officer of ATP, have announced a multi-year partnership between Sense Arena and ATP. This collaboration will see Sense Arena being designated as the official VR training tool for one of the biggest tennis tournaments.

The partnership also includes the launch of a co-branded VR platform known as ATP Tour Sense Arena. Notably, this announcement coincides with the one-year anniversary of Sense Arena’s introduction. Originally developed as a hockey training tool, Sense Arena diversified into tennis training just in time for the 2022 U.S. Open.

 $300 Price Tag  Plus $50 Each Month

For optimal use, Sense Arena’s tennis platform requires a Meta Quest 2 headset priced at $299.99 and a haptic racket controller, in addition to a subscription to Sense Arena itself.

Subscription plans range from $29 to $50 per month. The product is designed to cater to users of all skill levels, from casual players to beginners and professionals. It offers a variety of exercises to enhance tennis strokes, reaction time, and overall game strategy.

A notable feature of ATP Tour Sense Arena is “Master Your Return,” which allows users to practice returning serves from real ATP and WTA players or opponents of a similar skill level. Sense Arena collaborates with Golden Set Analytics, a tennis analytics company associated with ATP and WTA, to provide accurate and realistic serve data simulations.

 Hockey Program to Follow Suit Anticipating user feedback, Sense Arena intends to release an updated hockey program in November based on insights from NHL partners. Likewise, they plan to refine the tennis program based on feedback from ATP’s player and corporate advisory boards. This board includes input from medical professionals, tennis coaches, and business experts. Top 100 singles players and top 25 doubles players within ATP will receive supplementary access to the technology and are encouraged to provide their commentary.


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