PS5 Sales Exceed 40 Million

SIE today announced that PS5 sales (Sold Through, that is, actual sales) exceeded 40 million, in 32 months and 15 days. By comparison, the PS4 reached this milestone in 30 months and six days. Officials said that due to the impact of the pandemic, PS5 host supply chain problems, inventory can not meet the market demand. It is only now that PS5 supply is sufficient and pent-up demand has finally been met.

Challenges faced by SIE team and partners during PS5 launch due to COVID-19

When the PS5 launched in November 2020, the world was in a completely different space-time background than when the PS5 console was first exposed in 2019. Despite the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19, the SIE team and partners are working hard to launch the PS5 console on schedule.

Because of the staggering blows of the pandemic, it has taken months for the supply chain to resume normal operations and for inventories to gradually catch up with market demand. But now that the PS5 is fully stocked, the market can expect its demands to be met.

Over 2,500 games waiting to hit consoles

The lineup of games launched by PS5 is unprecedentedly strong. PS5 never fails to amaze with more exciting content continuing to appear. With more than 2,500 PS5 games now available, from indie titles to AAA hits, there’s never been a better time to play. In the last two months alone, PS5 saw impressive new titles from partners like Final Fantasy XVI, Diablo IV, and Street Fighter 6.

PlayStation players vote for the 40 most iconic games

Since the launch of the PS5, many masterpieces have blossomed and people have fun playing, showing that the game is no less rich or creative than any other entertainment media. To that end, PlayStation players voted for the 40 most iconic games.

Accessories for PS5 customization and personal style

Over the past two and a half years, PlayStation has revealed new ways for players to customize their gaming experiences and add color to their homes. The company has developed a range of colour schemes for the DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console cover. These accessories proved to be a hit, as gamers wanted their PS5 to reflect their personal style.

Prioritizing community needs in PS5 development and innovation in gaming experience

PS5 has always prioritized the likes and needs of the community, which is why they have developed the DualSense controller. It is also the motivation behind innovative designs such as adaptive trigger and haptic feedback on PlayStation VR2. PlayStation Studios and third party partners are taking advantage of these capabilities to expand their creative ideas and take a generational leap forward in the gaming experience they offer players.

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