PS5 hits 50 million sales, overcoming supply chain issues

  • PS5 surpasses 50 million units sold, targeting 25 million more.
  • Sony’s effective shift to a sustainable sales approach.
  • Traditional consoles like PS5 and Nintendo Switch remain popular.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) has achieved a significant milestone, with the announcement that lifetime sales have now surpassed 50 million units. This impressive feat is further highlighted by the console’s strong performance during the Black Friday sales period, marking it as the best for the device.

As the company heads into the holiday shopping season, Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President for Global Marketing, Sales, and Business Operations at Sony Interactive Entertainment, is optimistic about reaching a record sales target of 25 million units in the current financial year, which ends on March 31. This optimism comes despite earlier concerns in the year when Sony reported weaker-than-expected PS5 sales figures.

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Effective promotional strategies and strategic shift

However, the company now appears confident in achieving its ambitious 25 million-unit target. Lempel notes that Sony’s promotional strategies this year have been effective, even though they have conducted fewer promotions compared to past years at this stage of the console’s lifecycle. This approach suggests a strategic shift towards maintaining a sustainable business model rather than relying on aggressive discounts and deals.

Initially, the PS5 faced challenges due to supply chain disruptions but managed to overcome these obstacles. The launch of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” on October 20 significantly boosted the console’s popularity.

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Diversifying into live-service gaming

In addition to its traditional strength in single-player games, Sony is now branching into the live-service gaming sector, focusing on continuous online play and content updates. However, the company recently decided to cancel an online game from “The Last of Us” franchise, prioritizing the development of single-player titles and reaffirming its commitment to its core gaming offerings.

Enduring appeal of console gaming

While the gaming industry is contemplating the future of consoles amidst advancing cloud technology, current trends indicate that traditional consoles like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch continue to garner significant interest from gamers. Nintendo’s success in 2023, driven by games like the latest “Zelda” title, underscores the enduring appeal of console gaming.

Looking ahead, Sony has an exciting lineup of titles, including “The Last of Us Part II Remastered” set for release in January and the limited-time exclusive “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth” in February. Lempel remains confident in the company’s performance.

“We are still pushing really hard, and I think we will have a record-breaking year no matter where we end up.”

Eric Lempel, Senior Vice President Marketing & Head of PlayStation Network

Sony’s PS5 continues to make strides in the gaming industry, reflecting the resilience of console gaming and the importance of adapting to evolving player preferences while staying true to core strengths in a constantly changing landscape. The PS5’s sales milestone and Sony’s ambitious targets for the current financial year not only underscore the enduring popularity of traditional gaming consoles but also signal a strategic shift towards a more sustainable and balanced approach to console sales.


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