Nvidia designs a gaming chip for China, bypassing US controls

  • U.S. chipmaker Nvidia (NVDA.O) on Thursday launched a modified version of an advanced gaming chip designed to comply with U.S. export controls targeting China.
  • Adaptable Nvidia’s move unveils its determination to cooperate with the thriving Chinese AI chip market to overcome challenges and contribute to the global chip industry.

Nvidia has unveiled the GeForce RTX 4090 D chip, specifically designed for the Chinese market while adhering to U.S. export controls. This release follows limitations imposed on previous models, with the new chip strategically positioned to sustain Nvidia’s leading position in China’s $7 billion AI chip market. Despite being slightly slower by 5%, the chip is competitively priced at 12,999 yuan ($1,842).

Nvidia’s strategic response to US export controls

In a strategic move to navigate the challenges posed by US export controls targeting China, Nvidia has offered the GeForce RTX 4090 D, a modified gaming chip tailored specifically for the Chinese market. This marks a calculated response to previous restrictions on Nvidia’s AI chips created for China, such as the A800, H800, and the flagship gaming chip, RTX 4090.

Emphasizing compliance with US government export controls, Nvidia positions the new chip as a breakthrough in performance, efficiency, and AI-driven graphics. The company highlights extensive engagement with US authorities during the product development, showcasing a collaborative effort to follow the regulatory frameworks.

The geopolitical landscape has presented challenges, leading to the imposition of sales restrictions on Nvidia’s previous AI chips. Despite these obstacles, Nvidia demonstrates a cooperative stance by actively engaging with the US government, reflecting a commitment to overcoming regulatory hurdles.

Seizing opportunities in the Chinese AI chip market

The launch of the GeForce RTX 4090 D signifies Nvidia’s unwavering determination to maintain influence in the burgeoning Chinese AI chip market. While acknowledging a slight 5% slowdown in gaming and content creation compared to the banned RTX 4090, the RTX 4090 D aggressively competes on pricing, set at 12,999 yuan ($1,842), underscoring Nvidia’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology for Chinese customers.

This forward-looking strategy not only demonstrates Nvidia’s adaptability but also positions the company as a key participant in China’s dynamic tech ecosystem. By actively participating in and contributing to the market, Nvidia aims to capitalize on opportunities in China, overcoming challenges and contributing to the growth of the global chip industry. The launch of the RTX 4090 D represents a pivotal moment in Nvidia’s journey, showcasing its ability to navigate complexities and drive innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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