News: Microsoft weighs launching Indiana Jones on the PS5

  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” initially set as an Xbox exclusive, may also be released on Sony’s PS5 as part of Microsoft’s potential shift in its Xbox gaming strategy.
  • Microsoft is internally considering a new cross-platform approach, evaluating whether certain Xbox games should be exclusive or extended to competing platforms such as PS5 and Nintendo Switch.
  • While the specific details and timing of these cross-platform releases are still under discussion, there is a notable change in Microsoft’s stance, indicating a willingness to bring some Xbox games to PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The highly anticipated Bethesda’s new game, ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,’ is not only set to release on Xbox and PC platforms but also has the potential to land on Sony’s PS5 console. According to The Verge, insiders reveal that Microsoft is considering expanding this game to more platforms, signalling a significant shift in its Xbox gaming strategy.

Insiders state that Microsoft is internally brewing a new cross-platform strategy, evaluating whether certain Xbox games should remain exclusive or extend to platforms like the Nintendo Switch or PS5. ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’ seems to be a pioneer in this wave of cross-platform games.

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The exclusivity period for Xbox would be relatively short

Although the game is initially slated as an Xbox console exclusive, the exclusivity period may be relatively short. Bethesda plans to release the game on Xbox and PC platforms in December of this year, with a potential landing on PS5 a few months later. However, considering that Microsoft’s cross-platform strategy is not yet finalised, specific release timings and platforms may undergo changes.
In recent months, Microsoft has been assessing the possibility of porting some Xbox-exclusive games to PS5 and Nintendo Switch platforms. There have been rumours about the potential cross-platform release of ‘Thieves of the Sea’ and ‘Hi-Fi Rush,’ and Microsoft is also contemplating bringing other Xbox games to competitors’ consoles.

Insiders reveal that the announcement of ‘Hi-Fi Rush‘ landing on other platforms is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

Previously, game data mining hinted at the possibility of it coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch. XboxEra also reported that Microsoft plans to port ‘Shattered Space,’ an expansion pack for ‘Starfield,’ to PS5 after its release on Xbox and PC.

It’s worth noting that in the case of the FTC lawsuit against Microsoft last year, it was revealed that ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’ was initially planned for multiple platforms. Pete Hines, former Global Publishing Director at Bethesda, mentioned that Disney and Microsoft had reached a cross-platform agreement. Still, after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, the agreement was amended to make it an Xbox console exclusive.

Potential release delays are related to cross-platform development

Hines attributed this change to potential release delays associated with cross-platform development, stating, ‘You’re going to be working with a licensor who has a lot of input, and that significantly increases the project’s development time.’

The landing of ‘Indiana Jones and the Great Circle’ on PS5 would undoubtedly be surprising. However, reportedly, there is still intense discussion within Microsoft about which Xbox games should be brought to competitor consoles. At present, it appears that Microsoft has decided to bring some Xbox games to PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but specific details are still subject to observation.


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