Microsoft Copilot: It’s worth a try

  • Microsoft’s Copilot tool is already freely available as a dedicated webpage, mobile app, and built-in Windows tool, offering quick and easy access to an AI chatbot.
  • To help protect corporate data, Copilot adds commercial data protection when people sign in with work or school account.

ChatGPT has prompted a lot of companies to try to get in on the AI act. One of those is Microsoft, which has its own AI-infused chatbot known as Copilot (previously Bing Chat). Available directly in Windows, on the web, as a sidebar in the Edge browser, and as a mobile app, Copilot will answer questions and perform tasks, potentially proving more helpful than OpenAI’s own tool.

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The features of Microsoft’s Copilot

Microsoft Copilot offers the following features:

  • Copilot use on the web and in Windows, MacOS, and iPadOS.
  • Access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo during non-peak times.
  • Upcoming access to GPT-4o.
  • Use of text, voice, and images in conversational search.
  • Ability to create and edit AI images with 15 boosts (15 images) per day with the Designer tool.
  • Ability to use plug-ins and shared GPTs.

Does Microsoft Copilot have commercial data protection?

Microsoft Copilot serves as an everyday AI companion, providing AI-powered chat for the web. Whether researching industry insights, analyzing data, or looking for inspiration, Copilot gives access to better answers, greater efficiency, and new ways to be creative.

To help protect corporate data, Copilot adds commercial data protection when people sign in with a work or school account. Some important things to know about Copilot with commercial data protection are:

  • Copilot uses work or school account for authentication and only allows users to access Copilot with commercial data protection when they’re using that account.
  • Prompts and responses aren’t used to train the underlying AI models used by Copilot, so users can feel confident using work content with Copilot. Whether they’re copying and pasting work content into chat, or uploading a file, their work content is protected.
  • Chat data sent to and from Copilot with commercial data protection is encrypted during the chat session. Microsoft won’t see their chat data.
  • Information about account and organization is used only to determine if users are eligible for commercial data protection. After that, this information is removed from chat data and it’s no longer associated with their chat session. Bing Search queries triggered by their prompts in Copilot are also not linked to their account or their organization.
  • Advertising shown to users isn’t targeted based on their account, their organization, or their previous chats. An answer in their current chat may include advertising.

Benefits of using Microsoft Copilot

Because Copilot is designed to function as an assistant, the primary benefit of using Copilot is improved productivity in work-related tasks.

It can boost productivity through the automation of repetitive tasks, such as writing repetitive emails and summarizing documents, freeing users up for more important work. In addition to productivity gains, Copilot can boost user creativity by suggesting new ideas, formats and content based on context and preferences. It improves communication by ensuring emails are sent and streamlines the workflow of Microsoft 365 applications.

Beyond productivity, Copilot can enhance the decision-making process through data analytics, financial analysis, market research and project planning. It can suggest the next step in a process based on context and past experience, reducing workload and fatigue.

Copilot enables personalization by learning and adapting to the user’s writing style and preferences over time, providing increasingly relevant and personalized suggestions. It can also tailor content to specific audiences or purposes.


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