Lumo Introduces Virtual Train Tour for Enhanced Passenger Experience

Lumo is a brand new travel service, travelling exclusively on the East Coast of the UK between London & Edinburgh, calling at Stevenage, Newcastle & Morpeth.
In order to provide a better service to passengers, Lumo offers an interactive 360° virtual train carriage tour for some passengers who want to familiarize themselves with the carriage environment before travelling. The virtual Tours were created by British company Ocean 3D using Matterport’s scanning technology and reviewed by independent focus groups during the trial at Plymouth University, with 63 percent of participants saying the virtual train carriage tour were helpful and reassuring.

Benefits to travelers of advance information

By previewing the various seating arrangements and options presented in the virtual tour, passengers can choose seats, whether it’s being close to restrooms or enjoying a window view.

With this information, they can plan ahead and bring essential items like travel pillows, blankets, or entertainment devices, all tailored to the details provided by Lumo’s virtual train tour.

From Lumo’s managing director Martijn Gilbert: “At Lumo, we want to ensure all our customers arrive at their destination as comfortable and relaxed as possible.” By investing in this state-of-the-art technology, Lumo can ensure this goal is reached before the journey even begins.

He also mentioned:“This service will allow new customers to become familiar with Lumo’s surroundings and provide assurance that their first Lumo journey will be as enjoyable as the next.”

Lumo’s Virtual Train Tour Experience
From the virtual train tour, passengers can browse through different carriages, from economy class to luxurious business class cabins. It provides a detailed description of seating arrangements, luggage storage and onboard facilities. This helps passengers make decisions when booking train tickets on Lumo.


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