Kenyan-Based ROAM Introduces Innovative All-Electric Bus  

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Kenyan electric mobility pioneer, ROAM, has rolled out a groundbreaking addition to its eco-friendly vehicle lineup. The company recently introducted “Move,” an all-electric shuttle bus. This initiative aims to improve Kenya’s public transportation system while contributing to a reduction in carbon emissions on the country’s roads.

A Logical Next Step from Its Roots  

ROAM, a company rooted in Kenya with Swedish origins, celebrates its fifth anniversary by expanding its fleet of electric vehicles with this fully electric-powered bus, dubbed the “Move.” The Move is designed to offer a favorable alternative for commuters while offering an environmentally alternative.

ROAM’s journey began with a focus on all-electric motorcycles and buses, accompanied by cutting-edge fast-charging technologies. Initially, ROAM tried its hands on the transformation of mining and safari SUVs into electric vehicles. The company even provided converted combustion transit buses. However, a turning point happened in January 2022 when ROAM introduced its purpose-built electric bus, known as the “Rapid.”

Critically Acclaimed Design  

The Rapid received acclaim for its passenger-centric design, featuring priority seating for seniors and individuals with limited mobility, spacious legroom, designated wheelchair areas, and a user-friendly low-floor entry. Today, ROAM takes a significant leap forward in its mission with the unveiling of the “Move.”

The Move is more than just an electric bus. It stands for the new heights that Kenyan innovation is soaring to. Bearing the title of the first Kenyan company to locally produce a fully electric bus, it is equipped with a robust 170 kWh battery pack. This power capacity translates to an impressive range of 200 kilometers (124 miles) on a single charge. The mileage could mean uninterrupted service throughout the day. ROAM assures customers that the Move can be fully charged in under two hours, thanks to a high-speed DC fast charger.

Passenger-Centric Bus  

The interior of the Move is designed to prioritize the comfort of its passengers. The wide interior offers seating for up to 51 passengers with ample aisle space. ROAM’s most remarkable achievement is its commitment to providing a sustainable mass transit solution. With zero emissions and significantly reduced noise, the bus could set example for creating a more livable space– particularly in Kenya’s bustling urban areas.

Dennis Wakaba, ROAM’s sales executive, expressed his enthusiasm for the Move’s launch, underscoring its alignment with their vision of sustainable transportation solutions that benefit both the environment and communities. He sees it as a testament to the extraordinary talent and potential housed in Kenya’s manufacturing industry.

Expanded Manufacturing  

As ROAM advances, it will continue to manufacture its electric motorcycles, including the popular “Air” model, at its East African headquarters. Simultaneously, the production of the Rapid and Move electric buses will take place at a separate facility. This expanded manufacturing is made possible through a strategic production partnership.


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