Car of the future? Huawei enters smart car industry with dazzling AITO M9

  • The AITO M9 car received 20,000 pre-orders to date.
  • Both pure electric and petrol-electric hybrid models were introduced.
  • Comes out in December, with a current price range of US$70,000-100,000.

Concept images and configuration information for the soon-to-be-released Huawei AITO M9 vehicle have shone a light on what can still be done in the autonomous auto industry – literally. While 20,000 pre-orders have been taken so far, it’s the car’s bedazzling lighting system that has created impressed gasps.

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Huawei AITO M9 intelligent car lighting

The Huawei AITO M9’s HUD is among the biggest in the market.

The AITO M9, jointly developed by Huawei and Seres, features intelligent lighting that can create various atmospheric projection patterns based on factors like holidays and weather, and it can even adapt its projections based on the music playing inside the vehicle. It serves not only for entertainment purposes but also can enhance safety while driving, according to Huawei.

The lights project visual cues to assist the driver, including reminders of following distance, warnings for narrow road sections, turning guidance, and alerts for lane changes by other vehicles. The lighting system also introduces a novel concept of using light projections to interact with pedestrians, alerting them to safety issues and indicating the vehicle’s autonomous driving status.

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Huawei AITO M9 three-screen display

In addition, the AITO M9 features a three-screen design, not commonly seen in new energy vehicles. The instrument cluster, central control, and passenger-side entertainment screen are arranged in a row, and it includes a relatively large HUD (Head-Up Display).

The new vehicle is equipped with button-style door handles and toggle-style window control buttons. Above the central console, there is a spherical device that may enable interaction with HUAWEI SOUNDS functionality.

The AITO M9 will be available in two different models: pure electric and extended range. The pure electric model offers an electric range of at least 630 kilometres, while the extended range model has an electric range of 175 kilometres. It is equipped with a 1.5-litre turbocharged range extender, achieving a fuel consumption of 6.9 litres per 100 kilometres.

As the flagship SUV model of the AITO brand, the AITO M9 is expected to be officially released in December 2023, with a price range of $70,000-100,000.

Autonomous driving

The Huawei AITO M9’s style has also gone down well, especially with local Chinese customers.

Fully automated cars – that can drive without any human intervention – are still some way off. While some car models are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems or obstacle avoidance features, there is currently no vehicle on the market that can achieve fully autonomous driving in its truest sense.

However, Huawei’s AITO M9’s shows that there is still room for fresh ideas and concepts. Could the AITO M9 provide a significant step toward autonomous vehicles finally getting the go ahead? That’s unknown, but certainly there is room still for good new ideas, and Huawei appears to be exploring this fully.

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