Google feature automates customer service calls

  • Google is trialling a feature named “Talk to a Live Representative” aimed at alleviating the hassle of calling customer service.
  • It automates the initial steps of a call, notifying users when a human representative is available.
  • The feature, available through Google’s platforms, supports selected US businesses and aims to streamline customer service interactions.

Many individuals fear calling customer service lines as it often involves navigating through automated menus and enduring long waits, sometimes exceeding an hour, before connecting with a live representative. Google is experimenting with a feature allowing technology to handle the initial steps of a call.

Users enrolled in Google’s Search Labs can now test an experimental function that automatically dials customer service numbers and alerts them when a human representative is available. Google, uncreatively naming the feature “Talk to a Live Representative,” aims to help users bypass lengthy wait times associated with support calls.

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The new feature would bring convenience

Upon searching for a customer service number, users are presented with an option labelled “Request a call” beneath the result. After inputting the call’s purpose and phone number, Google initiates a call to the company on the user’s behalf, guiding it past automated responses to connect with a human representative, and then calls the user back once an assistant is available. Users can continue other tasks without remaining in the queue for extended periods. Additionally, Google sends SMS messages to update users on the call’s progress and provides an estimated callback window.

There is no certainty of a public release

The “Talk to a Representative” feature is accessible through Google’s mobile apps and the desktop version of Chrome. The trial period extends until the year’s end, with no certainty of a public release. Currently, it supports a limited number of businesses in the US across various sectors, including airlines, telecommunications, retail, package services, and insurance.

This feature shares similarities with “Hold for Me,” a function long available to Google Pixel owners, streamlining the wait for customer service. While Google Assistant displays estimated wait times during calls to businesses and holds the line until connected with a representative, “Talk to a Representative” has the potential to reach a broader audience, supporting all phones and initiating calls only when a human representative is available.


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