Apple’s Vision Pro battery pack: Surprise Lightning connector revealed

  • The Apple Vision Pro battery pack has unexpectedly revealed a return of the Lightning connector, which was previously thought to be replaced by the USB-C standard.
  • This surprising move by Apple has raised questions about their motives and commitment to industry trends towards USB-C, as well as concerns about convenience and compatibility for users.

In a surprising twist, Ray Wong of Inverse recently stumbled upon an intriguing revelation while reviewing Apple’s Vision Pro battery pack. By using a SIM removal tool, he discovered a hidden compartment on the silver external battery pack, unveiling what appears to be a larger, 12-pin version of the Lightning connector that Apple had moved away from last year. This unexpected discovery has sparked speculation about Apple’s motives and raised questions about the company’s commitment to the USB-C standard.

Lightning returns

As Nilay Patel, editor-in-chief of The Verge and a Vision Pro reviewer, confirmed, the rumors are indeed true. Lightning has made an unexpected comeback, donning all the familiar characteristics of Apple’s outgoing connector, but with a wider design and more pins. It is unclear whether Apple intentionally resurrected Lightning to fortify its proprietary ecosystem or if it’s merely a playful jab at the European Union’s push for iPhone adoption of the USB-C standard. Regardless of the company’s intentions, this discovery adds a humorous twist to the narrative surrounding the Vision Pro battery pack.

A missed opportunity for USB-C

In an alternate timeline, this could have been a story about USB-C’s triumph. Imagine a world where external batteries for Apple’s devices are readily available and don’t require the company’s special approval. Unfortunately, Apple’s decision to revive Lightning on the Vision Pro battery pack hints at a missed opportunity. Users will still be able to connect separate external batteries to the USB-C port of the battery pack, but the prospect of daisy-chaining multiple portable batteries together for extended untethered use seems unlikely.

The industry landscape:

Apple’s choice to persist with Lightning raises broader questions about the future of connectors in the tech industry. As the USB-C standard gains momentum and universal acceptance across various devices, Apple’s divergence from this industry trend raises eyebrows. While Lightning has served Apple well in the past, its reintroduction on the Vision Pro battery pack seems counterintuitive in a market where interoperability and standardization are increasingly valued.

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Industry voices:

Notable figures within the tech industry have weighed in on this unexpected turn of events. John Gruber, a prominent Apple commentator, expressed his surprise at Apple’s decision and questioned the company’s long-term strategy. He stated, “It’s an odd move that goes against the tide of the industry. Apple should be embracing USB-C wholeheartedly.” Meanwhile, Joanna Stern from The Wall Street Journal commented, “It’s a step backward in terms of convenience and compatibility. Users will now need to carry multiple cables for different Apple devices, adding unnecessary complexity.”

Apple’s Vision Pro battery pack has unveiled Lightning’s final form, surprising both reviewers and consumers alike. With its wider design and additional pins, this unforeseen development has left many pondering Apple’s motives and its commitment to the USB-C standard. As the tech industry marches towards greater interoperability, Apple’s decision to revive Lightning raises questions about the company’s long-term strategy. Only time will tell if Lightning’s return is a temporary detour or a sign of Apple charting its own course in the ever-evolving world of connectors.


Sissi He

Sissi was an intern reporter at BTW Media.

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