Yandex’s restructuring deal expected to be delayed into next year

  • Yandex’s restructuring faces delays into next year amid Western market access concerns.
  • The company plans to divest core Russian businesses and establish MKAO Yandex in response to international sanctions.

The completion of Yandex‘s much-anticipated restructuring, aimed at safeguarding its businesses’ access to Western markets amidst sanctions against Russia, is now expected to be delayed into the next year, according to two sources familiar with the negotiations. The Dutch holding company, Yandex NV, has been diligently working on this restructuring plan for months, with the initial expectation of reaching an agreement in December. However, finalizing the deal requires the approval of both shareholders and the Russian government.

Challenges amidst sanctions

Yandex, a prominent Nasdaq-listed Russian tech company, has been navigating a challenging environment due to sanctions imposed on Moscow over the conflict in Ukraine. As a result, it is pursuing a complex restructuring strategy to ensure the continuity of some of its businesses in Western markets.

While Yandex has declined to comment on the ongoing restructuring process, sources close to the matter indicate that the company has made significant progress. It has reportedly submitted all the necessary documents to legal teams. Nonetheless, uncertainties remain regarding whether the process will be completed by the end of this month.

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Mixed signals on progress

One of the sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the information, mentioned that the company had made “great progress” in the restructuring efforts. However, it remains uncertain whether all the intricacies of the deal can be resolved within the current month. Another source indicated that the revised goal is to conclude the restructuring deal during the first quarter of the upcoming year.

Restructuring strategy

As part of its restructuring strategy, Yandex aims to recoup shareholder funds by divesting its primary revenue-generating Russian businesses, including its search and ride-hailing operations. Following this divestiture, the company plans to pivot towards the development of four other international business lines.

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New entity registered

In a recent development, the Central Bank of Russia registered an issuance of ordinary and preferred shares for a new company named MKAO Yandex. This new entity is being established in the city of Kaliningrad as an integral component of the broader restructuring plan.The delayed completion of Yandex’s restructuring highlights the complex challenges faced by Russian tech companies in navigating international sanctions. Yandex’s efforts to adapt and ensure the continuity of its operations in Western markets will likely continue to be closely watched by industry analysts and stakeholders in the coming months. Approval from shareholders and the Russian government will remain pivotal steps in this ongoing process.


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