Top tech stories today: January 10, 2024

Bypass the need for online searches; we’ve compiled the essential global tech updates for January 10, 2024, ensuring you stay informed.

1. Humane lays off 4 percent of employees before releasing its AI Pin

Humane, a secretive startup, has laid off 4% of its workforce, amounting to 10 employees, citing cost-cutting measures. The move precedes the launch of its highly anticipated $699 AI Pin, billed as a smartphone alternative. CEO Bethany Bongiorno framed the layoffs as part of an organizational refresh for the company’s growth phase. (The Verge)

2. Honda debuts new global EV series, Honda Zero, coming in 2026

Honda introduces its global electric vehicle series, Honda Zero, featuring the Saloon and Space-Hub concepts. The Saloon, a sleek sedan, and the Space-Hub, a van-like design, emphasize Honda’s “thin,” “light,” and “wise” approach to EVs, set for North America release in 2026. Both partially and fully autonomous, the series focuses on performance and AI integration. (The Verge)

3. The SEC’s X account was hijacked to post a fake approval of Bitcoin ETFs

The U.S. SEC’s X social media account was briefly compromised, with a fake message claiming approval of bitcoin ETFs posted. The SEC clarified that it has not approved spot bitcoin ETFs. The agency is investigating the hack and unauthorized access. X confirmed the compromise, citing an unidentified individual gaining control through a third party’s phone number. (Reuters)

4. Pennsylvania government workers will start using ChatGPT in test program

The state of Pennsylvania launches a pilot program deploying OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise for administrative tasks, involving a limited number of Office of Administration employees. The program aims to explore AI’s impact on services and gather insights for responsible AI implementation, with lessons guiding potential expansion. (The Verge)

5. Intel challenges Nvidia, Qualcomm with ‘AI PC’ chips for cars

Intel challenges Nvidia and Qualcomm in the automotive semiconductor market with new AI-enabled chips for cars. The company also acquires French startup Silicon Mobility for EV control systems. Chinese automaker Zeekr will be the first to utilize Intel’s AI system on a chip, focusing on enhancing in-vehicle experiences. (Reuters)

6. Amazon’s Twitch to lay off 35% of workforce

Twitch, Amazon’s streaming platform, is reportedly planning to cut 35% of its workforce, around 500 employees, as it continues to face profitability challenges. The move follows the decision to shut down operations in South Korea due to high costs. Twitch laid off over 400 employees in March 2023. (Reuters)

7. Stellantis uses Amazon cloud to cut in-car software development to a day

Stellantis leverages Amazon’s cloud and BlackBerry technology to create a “virtual cockpit,” enabling rapid development and testing of car controls and systems within a day, cutting down development time from months. The partnership aims to enhance customer experience and keep pace with the evolving automotive landscape. (Reuters)

8. Microsoft, US lab use AI to speed search for new battery materials

Microsoft collaborates with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, utilizing AI to accelerate the discovery of a material potentially reducing lithium usage in batteries by 70%. The breakthrough, achieved in two weeks, opens possibilities for more sustainable energy solutions, with applications in cars, energy grids, and beyond. (Reuters)

9. TikTok owner ByteDance in talks with Tencent, others to sell gaming assets

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, is in talks with Tencent and other potential buyers to sell its gaming assets, including popular titles like “Crystal of Atland” and “Earth: Revival.” ByteDance decided to retreat from the gaming industry in November, seeking buyers for its Nuverse gaming unit and Moonton. Talks are ongoing, with no finalized deal yet. (Reuters)


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