Top tech stories today: January 1, 2024

No need to sift through the web for crucial stories – we’ve got you covered. Here are the key global technology highlights for January 1, 2024.

1. Microsoft’s copilot AI app lands on iOS

Microsoft’s Copilot app, available on iOS and iPadOS, facilitates AI-driven tasks like answering questions, drafting text, and generating images. The app integrates with DALL-E3 for image creation and offers access to GPT-4, OpenAI’s latest language model, distinguishing itself from the free version of ChatGPT. (The Verge)

2. India widens crypto crackdown, blocks exchanges

India’s Financial Intelligence Unit issues compliance notices to Binance, Kraken, KuCoin, and Huobi, aiming to block local access due to alleged illegal operations. This follows the imposition of money-laundering provisions and a transaction tax, pushing Indian traders to offshore platforms. Binance, under global regulatory pressure, recently agreed to pay $4.3 billion for violations. (Bloomberg)

3. Hackers pilfered $2B in crypto in 2023

Hackers made off with $2 billion in cryptocurrency during 2023, as reported by De.Fi, a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and security firm. Notable attacks included a $200 million loss in a September attack on Mixin Network and a December hack against HXA Token Exploit resulting in a $30 million loss. The incidents underscore persistent vulnerabilities in the DeFi ecosystem, highlighting ongoing challenges in web3 security. (Hypebeast)

4. Startup SEIDA challenges US-China chip struggle

China’s SEIDA, founded by ex-Siemens EDA staff, targets breaking the foreign monopoly on vital chip design software, OPC. Backed by SMIC’s investment arm, it defies US restrictions, aiming to bolster China’s self-sufficiency in chip tech. SEIDA exemplifies China’s resolve amid the US-China tech rivalry. (The Daily Star)

5. Nvidia unveils China-compliant gaming chip

Nvidia introduces the GeForce RTX 4090 D, tailored for the Chinese market, adhering to US export controls. Launched after previous models faced restrictions, the chip aims to maintain Nvidia’s dominance in China’s $7 billion AI chip market, despite being 5% slower and priced at 12,999 yuan ($1,842). (Microsoft Start)

6. wins $141 million in Alibaba anti-monopoly case

A Beijing court awards 1 billion yuan ($141 million) in damages in an anti-monopoly lawsuit against Alibaba’s Tmall platform. The court ruled that Alibaba abused market dominance by imposing exclusive requirements on sellers, concluding a years-long legal battle initiated by in 2017. (Bloomberg)

7. OpenAI’s annual revenue surpasses $1.6 billion

OpenAI achieves an annualized revenue exceeding $1.6 billion, driven by robust growth in its ChatGPT product. This marks an increase from $1.3 billion reported in mid-October, signaling sustained success for the artificial intelligence research lab. (U.S. News)


Elma Yuan

Elma Yuan was a junior reporter at BTW media interested in media and communication.

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